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The Real Housewives Of New York Season 5: Episode 15 Recap

Posted on 09/10/2012 by Jessica in The Real Housewives

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The Real Housewives Of New York Season 5

By Jessica Blackwell


Real Housewives of New York is new to me, I just started watching this season, so I've been trying to decide on who my favorite is. Sonja and Ramona are completely off their rockers, so that scratches them off the list. Aviva was in the running, but then, she decided to become just as crazy as Sonja and Ramona, but act snobby about it. I still like Heather, but Carole is my favorite! 


Carole just wanted to have her beautiful, peaceful, Zen vacation and all the other ladies ruined it with their drama. When she got upset because Aviva kept harping on the small plane and her friends died in a single engine plane crash, she just walked away and dealt with her moment on her own. She dates Russ, but she doesn't limit herself to him, and doesn't expect him to define her or be her security blanket. 


Anyways, getting into the episode. I don't know who died and made Aviva Queen, but she certainly reared her ugly ass regal head this week. Still reeling from Queen Aviva's insults, Ramona and Sonja took it upon themselves to google "White Trash" since they didn't know what it was. After discovering that Aviva's name calling was hurtful and inaccurate, they became ever more enraged. 


Aviva was still annoyed that Sonja and Ramona didn't roll out the proper welcome mat for her and her husband, and continued to talk about it, profusely. When she overheard Sonja and Ramona balking at Carole when she mentioned that she was going to go on a double date with just Reid, Aviva, and Russ, she swooped right on in. Aviva let them know that she was feeling less than warm and fuzzy about "girl time" and not so politely reminded them that there had been plenty men uh, "swinging from the rafters" on what was supposed to be a "girl's trip", so they best stop complaining about her husband! 


Although Heather pleaded with Aviva to cut the crap so the trip wouldn't turn into a s***fest, that didn't stop Heather from stomping off like a child when she found out about the double date. Carole went to talk it out with her, and everything was all good. Out of the bunch, I think these 2 might have the most chance at a lasting friendship, because we all know once the booze runs out, Ramona and Sonja are dun-zo


Overhearing Sonja flirting shamelessly with a waiter, Aviva once again took the opportunity to tear Sonja down for her lifestyle choices. Berating her for acting the way she does at 40, what she really seems is jealous. So what if Ramona and Sonja want to dance on table while on vacation in a tropical paradise.? You're the one who decided to trust Ramona, didn't you watch the first four seasons? Live and let live Aviva, just because you're uptight doesn't mean that you get to define how someone else should act at 40. 


With Sonja spewing some serious venom back at Aviva, Ramona off getting drunk somewhere, Carole losing her patience, and LuAnne trailing behind Tomas' fine ass, these ladies are all over the place! 


Next week it looks like a guilty countess tries to make nice with her domestic lova! Stay tuned! 


The Real Housewives of New York airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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