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Bachelor Pad Season 3: Episode 7 Recap

Posted on 09/04/2012 by Gina in The Bachelor Pad

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Bachelor Pad Season 3


by Gina Scarpa


Just when I thought I'd never hear Night Ranger's "Sister Christian" ever again, Bachelor Pad forced me to listen to it four time in a thirty minute time span. Now, I can't get the damn song out of my head. Help meeeee...


But first, the final four couples are brought outside of the mansion to see a giant contraption built above the pool. One team member will sit suspended over the water while the other answers Bachelor, Bachelorette, and Bachelor Pad trivia. For each wrong answer, a rope will be cut until the seat drops and the player is left hanging. The winning team will make the sole decision to send someone home right then and there. Turns out Blakeley isn't very up on her past seasons of the franchise and Tony is the first to hit the water. Rachel is in next (tell me again why she didn't answer the questions), and Ed drops last, meaning Chris and Sarah just got themselves a whole lotta power.


It's clear that Rachel and Nick aren't going anywhere. They're a new couple, Nick was on the outs with the major alliance in the house this season, and Rachel has basically checked out of the competition. On one side, you have the popular Ed and Jaclyn and on the other, the needy Blakeley and Tony. After talking it over, Chris tells Tony what a wonderful father is and that he understands why he's competing this season, then stabs him in the back, sending him and his showmance home penniless. Blakeley, of course, breaks down into hysteria but Tony seems to feel like he's already won by starting up a relationship with Blakeley. Not gonna lie. She didn't look like she'd rather have his love than a quarter of a million bucks during that ride home.


On a side note, my distaste for Chris and Sarah grow stronger and stronger each week. They seem aware that they're unpopular and yet, are unwilling to change their behavior.


The final six would love nothing more than a quiet dinner to celebrate how far they've made it in the competition but Chris Harrison isn't done with them yet. It's time to pile into a limo and immediately head to the next challenge. Inside the Hollywood Palladium, they're greeted by 80s rock band Night Ranger, performing their one hit wonder "Sister Christian". I legitimately believe Ed was the only person who actually knew the band and the song. The rest just stood there with dumbfounded smiles on their faces.


So the challenge is that each couple must perform "Sister Christian" for Night Ranger, in front of hundreds of Bachelor Pad fans. The band will decide the winner and that couple automatically heads to the finals AND chooses which other couple they want to compete against for the grand prize. Huge. After one day to practice, work with a vocal coach, and learn the lyrics, it's time to hit the stage.


Rachel and Nick are up first and she starts off quiet but doesn't sound THAT bad. (Trust me, that's a compliment.) When Nick joins in, the energy of the performance is bumped up, and the two have pretty good stage presence and chemistry together, considering they barely talk and don't trust each other. Ed and Jaclyn are up next and are an absolute train wreck. Immediately, they forget the words and Jaclyn asks repeatedly, "Can we start over?" while the house band plays on. As if that wasn't awkward enough, they just resort to straddling each other inappropriately. As Nick points out, don't they know this song is about a brother giving his sister advice? Clearly not. Sarah and Chris are the last to go, with Chris being the best singer of the bunch. He had the words written on his arms and the performance was odd, to say the least, with Sarah thrashing around the entire time.


With Ed and Jaclyn definitely out of it, Night Ranger decides to go with Nick and Rachel. Of course they did. Not that they don't deserve it, but it seemed unlikely that Chris and Sarah were going to take both competitions. Nick convinces Rachel to turn her back on her best friend in the house, and the two eliminate Ed and Jaclyn. He'd much rather sit next to the very disliked and dramatic Chris and Sarah, than life of the party Ed and Jaclyn. Rachel breaks down and can barely keep it together in her interviews after the fact, while Jaclyn declares during the limo ride home that their friendship is over.


I honestly have no idea what happens on next week's finale but the preview for it had me wishing it would air immediately after this episode. Whatever goes down during those final two hours is HUGE.



Bachelor Pad airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.


(Image courtesy of ABC)


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