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Big Brother 14: Week 2 Eviction Recap

Posted on 07/27/2012 by Gina in Big Brother

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Big Brother 14


by Gina Scarpa


Who knows if Dan "abandoning" Danielle so that he'd light a fire under her to campaign to stay in the house was a good idea or not? If you REALLY want to light a fire under her, just flirt with her man. Sure, it's been two weeks in the Big Brother house and all she and Shane have done is have tickle fights and massage sessions but she clearly sees a relationship in the making. So when Ian reveals that Shane and Jojo were joking around about making out, Danielle is not having it at all.  Suddenly, her game kicks into overdrive. She's all cuddled up to Janelle and Ashley, revealing that Shane and Jojo could be starting a showmance. As if Janelle didn't want to get rid of Jojo badly enough, this just solidifies the deal and Ashley bobblehead nods in agreement.


We catch up with Dr. Will a little bit, who gave his assessment on the coaches. Of course, he thinks Boogie is doing a great job and compliments him for bringing Frank in to form Chilltown 2.0. He wasn't so impressed with Britney, said Dan coaches everything even when making breakfast, and that Janelle is a force to be reckoned with in the game. Fair enough. Man, I wish he was playing!


At the elimination ceremony, Jojo says she expected to be fake and lie, but she couldn't do it. She speaks as if she already knows that she's going home. Only Shane votes to keep her (drop the loyalty!) while everyone else votes to send her home.


It seems that the episode was running long because Julie Chen was in quite the hurry to move the HOH competition along, where players had to hit a golf ball into a slot with the highest number. In a turn of events that CBS could only dream of, Shane finds himself in power as the new HOH. Here's hoping Frank heads right back on the block.


And it turns out that Britney's paranoia was right. America gets to vote whether or not to give the coaches the option to join the game and compete for the grand prize. So they could opt out? If each has an ally that will stay loyal, then it could be a good move. Otherwise, they'll quickly form the biggest targets on their backs... I would say in Big Brother history... but I'm pretty sure that honor goes to Brendon and Rachel.


Find out who Shane nominates for eviction on Big Brother, Sunday at 8/7c on CBS.


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