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Posted on 06/19/2007 by RealityWanted in Super Hero

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10 All-New Homegrown Heroes Compete For Immortality With Their Own Comic Book And Action Figure

Series Premiere Thursday, July 26th at 9PM ET/PT

NEW YORK - June 19, 2007 - SCI FI Channel's hit reality series WHO WANTS TO BE A SUPERHERO? from Nash Entertainment and POW! Entertainment Inc., returns for its second season on Thursday, July 26 at 9:PM ET/PT. The new season features an all-new league of 10 superhero contestants, exciting new physical challenges, a few fiendish villains, and two more episodes than last year... 8 in all!

Who Wants To Be A Superhero? is a competition reality series unlike any other. It's a show with heart, humor, thrills, adventure, surprises and spandex! It challenges a lucky few to create their very own superhero alter ego, live together in a secret lair under the watchful eye of Stan Lee and compete for the best reality competition prize yet: immortality! Once again this season, the winning superhero is immortalized in a new comic book from Dark Horse Comics created by Stan Lee himself. This year's winner will also see his/her character turned into an action figure by Shocker Toys.

"I never thought anything could be more of a blast than writing stories about superheroes, says Stan Lee. "I was wrong! Appearing on Who Wants To Be A Superhero? has been one of the most exciting, fun-filled experiences ever! Imagine, instead of looking at panels of costumed cavorters on a page, I'm looking at them and talking to them and reacting with them in real life! And the tremendous feedback from fans via letters, emails and blogs is half the fun! Sorry I can't tell you any more right now because I'm too busy writing my acceptance speech for the Emmy Awards, although so far I haven't gotten any further than-- "Excelsior!"

This year's competing superheroes chosen from auditions around the country are:

Basura (aka Aja De Coudreaux / Oakland, CA) enlists the help of all bugs everywhere and uses her mystical powers to turn trash into treasures.

Braid (aka Crystal Clark / Bloomington, IL) makes herself any age, race, or gender and can turn her hair into crime-busting tentacles.

The Defuser (aka Jarrett Crippen / Austin, TX) is an expert paramilitary superhero who uses non-violent weaponry to stop villains. He has the unique ability to function at 110 percent.

Hygena (aka Melody Mooney / Sherman Oaks, CA) fights crime and grime making weapons from all types of cleaning utensils.

Hyper-Strike (aka John Stork / Plainfield, VT and Chicago) is a martial arts expert with super strength and agility and he can project his Chi (life force) through his hands.

Mindset (aka Phillip Allen / Ft. Lauderdale, FL) is a telekinetic time traveler on a mission to end all war. Originally named Omnicron, Mindset is the viewers' choice on the show winning his place by Internet voters earlier this year.

Mr. Mitzvah (aka "Sir Ivan" Wilzig / Miami, FL and New York City) is real life Bruce Wayne who lives in a castle, this multi-millionaire's mission, under the guise of Mr. Mitzvah, is to save the lives of children.

Ms. Limelight (aka Trisha Paytas / Byron, IL and Los Angeles) is a captivating blonde caped-crusader absorbs the powers of action stars on TV and in movies.

Parthenon (aka Dan Williams / Orlando, Fl) is an archaeologist who gets his mystical powers from an ancient gauntlet he discovered in Greece

Whip-Snap (aka Paula Thomas / Dallas, TX and Los Angeles) Raised in Texas, this superhero has a mastery of the whip and if her bare skin touches a villain that villain is turned into sand.

These 10 fearless defenders of truth and justice will match wits against the new nemesis Dr. Dark, a masked evildoer who torments Stan and the superheroes throughout the season. No one knows his real identity, that is, until the exciting season finale.

Also new this season is Executive Producer and show runner Andy Scheer. He previously produced Hell's Kitchen (Co-Executive Producer/FOX) SCI FI's Mad Mad House (Consulting Producer), Paradise Hotel (Supervising Producer/FOX) several installments of VH1'a Behind the Music series (Ozzy Osbourne, Jerry Lee Lewis, Alice Cooper) to name a few. He has directed many popular series and specials including American Idol (FOX), Popstars (WB), My Life is a Sitcom (ABC Family), Teen Choice Awards (ABC), Reel Comedy (Comedy Central) and Music Mania (ABC Family).

Who Wants to be a Superhero? was developed by Stan Lee, Bruce Nash and Scott Satin. Lee and Nash are also the show's executive producers. It is produced with the SCI FI Channel by Nash Entertainment, and Lee's POW! Entertainment, Inc. Additional Executive Producers are Andrew Jebb and Gill Champion.

POW! (Purveyors of Wonder) Entertainment, Inc. (Pink Sheets:POWN.PK) is founded by world famous comic book and motion picture icon Stan Lee, together with award winning producer Gill Champion and acclaimed intellectual properties specialist Arthur Lieberman Esq. POW!'s principals, combined, have created, produced and licensed some of the most successful character franchises of all time which have gone on to generate billions of dollars of revenues. POW! specializes in franchises for the entertainment industry, including animation and live-action feature films, television, DVDs, video games, merchandising, and related ancillary markets, all of which aid in the establishment of new and exciting global franchises.

Stan Lee is the creator and inventor of the modern superhero. A prolific author, Lee revolutionized the entertainment industry by creating compelling characters who, despite extraordinary powers and talents, are none the less plagued by the same doubts and difficulties experienced by ordinary people. Some of his most enduring characters, like Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, X-Men, The Fantastic Four, Iron Man, Daredevil,and Silver Surfer, have transcended from the comic book genre and exploded onto the big screen breaking all time box office records.

Nash Entertainment has become an idea factory for both film and television projects alike. Bruce Nash is well known for his trendsetting ideas and ability to translate them into successful projects, and Nash Entertainment is quickly developing an aggressive feature film slate, including "Time of Their Lives" with producer Scott Stuber for Universal, "The Fritz Pollard Story" (with Don Cheadle attached as a producer), "To Wally Ward," a baseball-themed drama written by Angelo Pizzo ("Hoosiers" and "Rudy"), "Sherlock's Secretary" (with director Mark Dindal attached) for Walden Media, "Win My Soul" with Tobey Maguire's Maguire Entertainment and "When Good Pets Go Bad" for MGM (inspired by Nash's highly rated TV reality specials). Nash's most recent television projects include the blockbuster Court TV series "Most Shocking," the new rescue series "Most Daring" for Court TV, "World's Most Amazing Videos" for Spike TV and "The Greatest Sports Stories Never Told" for Fox Sports Net. Nash also has several high concept TV movies in development at various networks. The company was responsible for some of NBC's biggest reality hits including "For Love or Money," "Who Wants To Marry My Dad?" and "Meet My Folks."

SCI FI Channel is a television network where "what if" is what's on. SCI FI fuels the imagination of viewers with original series and events, blockbuster movies and classic science fiction and fantasy programming, as well as a dynamic Web site (www.scifi.com) and magazine. Launched in 1992, and currently in 89 million homes, SCI FI Channel is a network of NBC Universal, one of the world's leading media and entertainment companies.

(These are Trademarks of Marvel Character Inc.)


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