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So You Think You Can Dance Recap June 13th 2007

Posted on 06/13/2007 by RealityWanted in So You Think You Can Dance

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By www.RealityCheckByGina.com

The time has come, the auditions are over, and now it's time for the top 20 dances to hit the stage & compete for your votes. Tonight is the night that So You Think You Can Dance kicks into high gear & I couldn't be more excited. The 20 dancers will be judged by Nigel, Mary, and hip hop & pop choreographer, Dan Karaty. All dancers have been paired up to perform a particular style of dance. Tomorrow night, the dancers with the lower number of votes will have to dance for the life & the judges will decide who's going home. Let's break down tonight's dancers:

Jaimie/Hok Hip Hop choreographed by Shane Sparks: Hok outshines contemporary dancer Jaimie in this piece but she puts out her best effort. Dan felt the dancers put out a good effort, Mary wanted it to be a little tighter, and Nigel felt Hok was brilliant & also felt Jaimie did keep up with Hok. To vote for Jaimie & Hok, call 1-888-TEMPO-01.

Anya/Danny � Jive choreographed by Tony Meredith: The song that is chosen for them ("Girlfriend" by Avril Lavigne) does not go with the jive but they make it work as they are both superb dancers. Dan said it looked effortless, Mary was practically speechless (but unfortunately, not completely), and Nigel felt it was tremendous. To vote for Anya & Danny, call 1-888-TEMPO-02.

Lacey & Kameron � Contemporary choreographed by Mia Michaels: While this is Kameron's forte, Lacey ventures into a new genre of dance with this piece. It is passionately danced by the duo. Dan felt Lacey understood all of Mia's vision but that Kameron was a prop for Lacey, Mary felt the hair stand up on her arm, and Nigel agrees with Dan in that Lacey was the star of the routine. To vote for Lacey & Kameron, call 1-888-TEMPO-03.

Sabra/Dominic � Disco choreographed by Doriana Sanchez: I don't necessarily feel that disco shows off what a dancer can do nor do I feel that dancers have fared well after performing disco on the show in previous seasons. Dan didn't think it was so great, Mary felt impressed that a b-boy danced disco so well & thought Sabra shined, and Nigel defends Domimic from Dan saying what a great job he did considering it was his first time with a partner. To vote for Sabra & Dominic, call 1-888-TEMPO-04.

Ashlee/Ricky � Argentine Tango choreographed by Alex Da Silva: I'm not sure if it's the choreography or the dancers but the number doesn't do it for me. There wasn't much chemistry between the two. Dan agrees, saying the dance is supposed to be sexy & it wasn't, Mary sides with Dan but compliments Ricky's partnering skills, and Nigel wasn't sure who was leading who. To vote for Ashlee & Ricky, call 1-888-TEMPO-05.

Sara/Jesus � Pop/Jazz choreographed by Wade Robson: Wade has choreographed quite a unique piece for the duo! Dan felt the piece is an automatic standout, Mary called it spectacular, and Nigel raved about their performance. To vote for Sara & Jesus, call 1-888-TEMPO-06.

Jessi/Pasha � Smooth Waltz choreographed by Tony Meredith: The piece is beautifully danced by the hip hop dancer & Latin ballroom dancer as they float across the dance floor. Dan calls them the prom king & queen, Mary felt it was classy & elegant, and Nigel enjoyed the dance. To vote for Jessi & Pasha, call 1-888-TEMPO-07.

Faina/Cedric � Hip Hop choreographed by Shane Sparks: Faina is quite out of her element as Cedric feels right at home. It doesn't seem either pulled off Shane's vision. Dan didn't feel the two were vibing off each other but complimented Cedric, Mary thought Faina did well considering how out of her comfort zone the dance was, and Nigel agrees with Dan that the two didn't gel together. To vote for Faina & Cedric, call 1-888-TEMPO-08.

Lauren/Neil � Salsa choreographed by Alex Da Silva: Though they run into a few tricky spots, the pair looks like they're having a great time together. They bring forth an entertaining routine, pleasing the crowd. The dance doesn't fare as well with the judges � Dan didn't feel the chemistry and the news doesn't get better with Mary. She felt Neil was more like a cheerleader and lacked fire and Nigel wanted Neil to get down & dirty. To vote for Lauren & Neil, call 1-888-TEMPO-09.

Shauna/Neil - Broadway choreographed by Tyce Diorio: Though the degree of difficulty is not too tough, the dancers give an energetic performance. However, it's not the most impressive piece of the night. Dan feels Jimmy outperformed Shauna, Mary thought it was a great performance, and Nigel was not impressed with the end product. To vote for Shauna & Neil, call 1-888-TEMPO-10.

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