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Jersey Shore Season 5: Episode 4 Recap

Posted on 01/26/2012 by in Jersey Shore

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Jersey Shore Season 5


by Danae Young



This week on Jersey Shore, Danny threatens to get new roommates and Pauly D and Mike get their surprise party. 


With Vinny and Mike gone, Danny told the remaining six that he is going to be looking for two new roommates. No one was pleased to hear this news. Never fear, Mike is here! Not too long after Danny left, Mike walked into the house. Mike left because he felt like nobody cared about his birthday. Little did he know the roommates planned a surprise party for him and Pauly. 


Deena and Sammi called Vinny to see if he would come down for the surprise party, but he didn’t seem like he was going to make the effort. 


The girls snuck out of the house to meet with the surprise party planners at Karma. The plans for the strippers were all in order and they decorated Karma with plenty of streamers and banners. At the store they bought all the decorations, Snooki also bought this hilarious bunny costume. She put it on back at the house and scared the crap out of JWOWW! 


Finally the night came for the surprise party! Pauly D and Mike had absolutely no idea. They were totally surprised when they got to Karma. That definitely turned The Situation’s frown upside down! Unfortunately, though, there was no sign of Vinny. 


Pauly D and Mike got handcuffed to some wheelchairs. Two huge fake cakes came out and the strippers popped out of them and gave the boys lap dances. Of course The Situation brought home one of the strippers. Classy. 


The next night everyone went out to Bamboo and it wasn’t long before Sammi got into a cat fight with some chick. The girl pulled Sammi’s hair so Sammi threw her drink on the girl and it turned into a fist fight. Because of the fight everyone ended up leaving. At the house deena was trying to have sex with Ronnie’s friend Joey when this alarm wouldn’t stop going off even after she unplugged it and put it in a drawer. 


Deena, Snooki and Pauly D showed up to work fired up and worked extra hard in hopes that Danny wouldn’t go searching for new roomies. However, the next day Ronnie and Mike made no effort to get to work on time, so Danny posted a “Help Wanted” sign at the Shore Store. JWOWW saw it and took it down because girls kept coming in and showing interest in the position. Too bad Danny noticed and made JWOWW put up another one. 


With the threat of getting new roommates looming, they only had one thing to do: Go kidnap Vinny and bring him back to the house. Before they went to Vinny’s house, they made a pit stop at the Shore Store to make all different customized Vinny t-shirts. Vinny was totally shocked and happy to see everyone. He had a new hair cut, a new tattoo and some nice looking abs going. The time home did him well, but guess what? Vinny’s back!


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