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Work Of Art: The Next Great Artist Season 2 - Exclusive Interview With Sara Jimenez

Posted on 12/22/2011 by Todd in Work Of Art

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Sara Jimenez from Work Of Art: The Next Great Artist Season 2

by Todd Betzold


On last night's season finale of Work of Art: The Next Great Artist, all the artists brought their "A" game, which made for a great gallery show for the top three artists. Unfortunately, they could all not win and Sara took home the third place trophy. Today, we caught up with Sara in an exclusive interview to talk about her experiences on Work Of Art.


Q: Todd, RealityWanted: What made you try out for Work Of Art?
A: Sara: At the time, I had never heard of the show. I had just lost my job. A friend emailed me about auditions. I was willing to put myself out there as an artist. I kept getting callbacks...it was an unpredictable process.

Q: Todd, RealityWanted: I know it's very difficult to judge art. Was that a concern of yours going into the show?
A: Sara:Yeah, I knew it was going to be uncomfortable being judged...especially with it being shown on tv. Eventually all my work will be judged by people, so I was willing to put myself out there.

Q: Todd, RealityWanted: This was your first solo exhibition. How do you feel about it?
A: Sara: I feel really good. I was proud of my work. I explored new frontier...it was exciting for me. The performance elements are intertwined in my work now. I was happy with how it came out, especially with the limited time we had.

Q: Todd, RealityWanted: Has this experience made you a stronger artist?
A: Sara:Yes, I feel I know my endurance and how far I can push myself. The limits I think I had...I can do more than I thought I could. To watch the tv show and the editing...self-identify with myself. I grew a thicker skin.

Q: Todd, RealityWanted: Who was your favorite artist to work with on Work Of Art and why?
A: Sara:I was closest with Young. He was very centered, articulately clean...he had a positive energy, flexible and an inner-enthusiasm. He had a light within him. He was great to be with and to work with.

Q: Todd, RealityWanted:How do you feel about Kymia's win?
A: Sara: She did an amazing exhibit. While I was putting my exhibition together, I peeked over and saw her work. He drawings blew me away. I'm happy for her.

Q: Todd, RealityWanted: What's coming up next for you?
A: Sara:I started grad school at Parsons in September. So, the next two years I will be exploring new ideas ad methodology...exploring my work. I'm not pumping out any finished products...get deeper into my practice. So, I will be committed to that the next two years.

(Image courtesy of Bravo)

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