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A Reality Check With Dan (MTV's Road Rules)

Posted on 05/11/2007 by RealityWanted in Road Rules and Cast Interviews

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RC: How did you end up becoming part of the pit crew on this season's Road Rules?
Dan: I actually originally applied to be on Real World. I went through the process & during the finals, they said they were doing Road Rules again. They explained the show to me & I ended up getting picked for that.

RC: Did the original Road Rulers know that the pit crew was going to be part of this season?
Dan: I'm not sure. I DO know for a fact they didn't know we were going to be at the launch special in New York. That was a surprise!

RC: This season, fans can blog their thoughts on the episodes. Does what they write affect you?

Dan: I've been really lucky � 90% of what people write is good. Every once in a while, you get someone who's not a fan of Dan. They don't attack me, they just let me know that maybe they disagree with something I said or did.

RC: You've got Shane (an original Road Ruler) sitting in the pit crew. Yet, you've been chosen to go into the pit to get back on the RV more than any of the other guys. How do you explain your personality?
Dan: I'm not sure but I'm very flattered by it. When I was on the RV, I was just honest. I wasn't trying to sneak anything past or be shady.

RC: You have gone against David more than anyone else and have yet to pull out a win. Why can't you beat that guy & get back to the RV?
Dan: Most people look at David and assume he's fat. But he's all muscle & he's agile. I go into these as the underdog, it's laid out in his favor. In most of our games, I'm contained so I have to go where he wants me to go. He outweighs me by 100 pounds!

RC: Would you say your military background has helped prepare you for this?

Dan: Yes, in situations like this, I'm able to make quick decisions. I'm also able to adapt & put things in perspective. I've learned not to let situations control me. In some of the challenges, people can't handle it so they either: a) freak out & don't make decisions or b) screw someone else over. I came into this to have fun & I've kept a level head.

RC: How has your life changed since being on Road Rules? I imagine you must get recognized now when you're out.

Dan: Well, as you know, I'm devastatingly handsome. Joking, joking! I actually forgot I was on a tv show. What people don't understand is � when you go & do this on an RV, it's 100% real. You're living in a small space with all these people in the middle of nowhere. When I got home, I was like a local celebrity. It's been weird but it's all been really positive!

RC: What's in your future � maybe another challenge?

Dan: Yes, I would like to do another challenge ... at least one! I have time to make up with the Marines after doing this but I'd like to do another challenge. I've met so many unique people, different people. In the military, I've been to other countries & seen other cultures. But right here in America, we're very diverse. We've got people from the East Coast, West Coast, people who were brought up differently.

RC: Dan, I'm so glad we got to talk! I wish you so much success & I really hope we see you on the RV soon.

Dan: Well, let me just tell you guys � if there was ever a night to watch Road Rules, tomorrow night is the night!

Road Rules airs on MTV tomorrow night at 10:30pm EST

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