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Celebrity Fit Club: Men v. Women-Episode 3 recap

Posted on 05/11/2007 by RealityWanted in Celebrity Fit Club

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There's some bad blood going into this week as well, since the entire cast got the chance to hear Dustin say some not so nice things to the camera about Cledus, Da Brat and Kimberly. Instead of taking the higher road and apologizing, he played the victim and tried to blame everyone else for not sympathizing with him. When he tried to leave, Ross and Maureen talked him out of it. Why? I have no idea.

Last week, both the men and the women proved their grit and determination by finishing a three mile hike up and down a mountain. The men finished the big trail first and also lost the most weight at the first weigh-in, dropping a total 48 pounds to the women's 37. The women were in the lead for the humongous grand prize, though, by having the best weight loss percentage (which is what the grand prize will be determined by) of 5.65% to the men's 5.54%. It's a pretty tight contest as of right now.

As of May 5th, who's lost the most so far????

Ross has lost 15 pounds so far, and weighs 199 pounds.

Warren G has lost 12 pounds, and weighs 209.

Cledus has lost 12 pounds, and weighs 202.

Maureen has lost 11 pounds, and weighs 139.

Kimberly has lost 9 pounds and weighs 167.

Tiffany has also lost 9 pounds, and weighs 143.

Dustin has also lost 9 pounds, and weighs 208.

Da Brat has lost 8 pounds, and weighs 164.

This week's fit camp is a kayak race at the Long Beach Marine Stadium. Ant informs the celebrities that this event will consist of four 1 on 1 races, and if there's a tie, then a tie breaker will take place. Kayaking, and just rowing altogether, is pretty demanding on the body. In order to even the playing field out, the women got to start 30 meters ahead of the men. The winning team would be rewarded with a trip to Hawaii. The women were pretty pumped for the prize, and especially Maureen.

Everyone was given a few minutes to get used to the kayaks and paddles, although nobody had a real clue on what they were doing. Kimberly was practicing while Dustin kept up with the trash talking. He told her that paddling would be good for her, and that the wet suit she's wearing would help with the jiggle. Yuck.

Each race would consist of kayaking to a buoy, then they'd have to steer around the buoy and make their way back.

The first heat pitted Warren against Maureen. Warren said that if he lost to a 50 year old woman then he'd kick himself in the ass. Maureen started off with the early lead, but Warren picked up the pace early and caught her at the turn. Warren steered around the buoy, while Maureen had a hard time managing her movement, which gave the G man an easy win. After the race she was pretty distraught, but had faith that her team could pick up the next three wins.

Tiffany and Ross donned the kayaks next. Tiffany doesn't look like a major athlete, but I think she could probably kayak Ross through the floor...if that's even makes sense. Turned out I was completely wrong. Tiffany had an early lead, but struggled at the turn. Ross made the turn pretty easily and coasted towards the finish line. Tiffany got very frustrated and lost control of her kayak. Ross won pretty soundly, which gave the men a 2-0 lead.

Kimberly was up next to try and save face for the women, as she raced Dustin. With the grudge between these two, a lot more than a trip to the islands is on the line. When the gun started them, Dustin shot out and quickly caught up to Kim. They were neck and neck up until the last quarter of the race, and then Kim pulled away. I'm thinking all of that junk food weighed Dustin down, but regardless Kim cut the men's lead to 2-1. After the race, Dustin made a few snide comments about Kim and her weight (surprise surprise).

The last race was Da Brat against Cledus. If the women wanted any hope of winning the trip to Hawaii, Da Brat had to beat Cledus to force a tiebreaker. Brat reached the flag first, but she also had a rough time with the turn and heading into the final stretch her lead was shrinking. Brat didn't give up, though, and gutted out a nice victory to tie it all up at 2-2.

The tiebreaker pitted Warren against Maureen again, which gave Maureen a chance to redeem herself. She started out very strong and reached the buoy before Warren, but after the turn it looked like she ran out of gas. Warren caught up and just barely beat her. After the race, Maureen was even more upset with herself for not winning. She was tough, though. Gotta give her props for that.

At the weigh-ins

Ant congratulated both teams for losing a total of 85 pounds. The panel was then introduced: Dr. Ian Smith, Dr. Stacy Kaiser, and the huggably Harvey Walden IV. Ant talked about the kayaking competition and immediately put the focus on Maureen. She teared up in her chair, and then Ant turned to the guys and applauded their close win over the ladies.

Cledus got excited and asked to speak. He said that since Maureen had brought everyone so much happiness as kids that he was in so much awe to be around her (referring to her Brady Bunch days on TV). He said he was honored to meet her, and knew how disappointed she was in losing, so he wanted to give her his trip to Hawaii. Maureen said she didn't deserve it since they lost, but Cledus insisted because it wasn't about winning and losing, it was about him doing something that he wanted to do.

With a big smile on her face, Maureen was the first one up to be weighed. Last time she weighed 139, and she had to lose four. On the scale this week, she weighed 132 pounds. Yowza. She's lost 18 pounds so far, and 12% of her body weight. Her total weight loss goal for the season is 25 pounds. Dr. Ian told her she was doing an awesome job, and asked her if she wanted to change her target weight. Maureen said she wanted to get down to 118. Dr. Kaiser also congratulated Maureen, but also noticed how sad she still looked. Maureen was still pretty bummed over the loss, but teammate Da Brat told her to not worry about it.

Maureen's weight loss goal for next week: 3 pounds

Ant then told everyone to guess who was right behind Maureen with the second largest weight loss percentage so far. He was looking at Tiffany the whole time, which made her whisper "me?" He said "no". It wound up being Ross. Good to see Ant finally jabbing at the celebs this season. Last time, Ross weighed 199. This week he only lost a pound. He said that even though it's only a pound, he's lost 16 pounds total so far, which is still pretty good. Dr. Ian reminded everyone that when your body goes through a good deal of weight loss, their body will pull the reigns a bit since the weight loss is such a shock to the system. Dr. Ian told Ross that he had to start eating his snacks, which surprised Ross a bit since usually he was always told by others not to eat as much. Ross then talked to Dr. Kaiser about how he wanted to beat up "Fat Ross" because he doesn't want to be Fat Ross anymore. She told him to not beat him up, but just give him a verbal shellacking.

Ross' weight loss goal for next week: 4 pounds

Cledus was next. At the last weigh-in he was 202. This week Cledus weighed in at 197. Dr. Kaiser said that him giving Maureen the trip to Hawaii was a wonderful gesture, but there was more to it than him just being nice. Cledus mentioned his huge fear of airplanes. He said he never had a fear of flying up until he had been on a flight that almost killed him, and then he broke down saying that it affected him being able to go see his children. Instead of flying 1400 miles, he drives them (that's dedication).

Cledus' weight loss goal for next week: 4 pounds

Ant then turned the attention to Dustin and mentioned the verbal backlash last week and how he was in the center of it all. Here's what he said to the cameras when nobody was around:

"I felt ganged up on because I was ganged up on. Of course we're in it for the fucking camera time. This is a TV show. What are they? Morons? Are they retarded? Right now I'm bighting my tongue because what I'd like to do is slap them fucking down and just slap the spit out of their mouth. I'd like to shut them the fuck up and explain to them reality. OK? The problem is that would require them to be smart and intelligent enough to listen to it. Brat goes along with immaturity so Brat's a perfect name. Brat is �ghangsta'. But if you say anything negative to her type of personality, they're going to fight immediately."

"Cledus clearly has big issues. Cledus can't even go into a fucking store and shop. Okay? Buying food and just leaving it to rot; that's weird. We've already established that Kim is a loser on another show. I think she's going to have a problem losing weight because she is a big girl and she will always be a big girl. She is a nobody. If it was eight of her on here, nobody would watch this stupid show. People think that way about people all the time. She just happens to be that ho-bag for me".

Ant told Dustin that they both knew that what was shown wasn't the worst of it, and wanted to know if that's how he really felt, or if it was just him blowing off some steam. Dustin stood behind what he said, though, which got everyone pretty angry.

Da Brat defended Kimberly and told screech to not talk about her that way, and not to call her a loser on another show because she's not a loser. She also told him to not call anyone else on the show fat and don't slide off to the side with a camera to talk trash. If he has something to say, he should say it to everyone. Ant asked Kim what she though, and she declined to say anything, although her eyes had nothing but fire and brimstone in them.

Dustin brought up last week how Da Brat said she didn't like him, and claimed that it was a blatant attack because she didn't really know him Brat said that she "doesn't give two squirts of duck shit" about him. Nice.

Cledus got a chance to respond and said that if he were to really respond to what he just saw, then he'd stand up and whip Dustin's ass. Dustin said that would result in prison time, but Cledus said that he'd be fine and that it'd be well worth it. What Cledus didn't get was how nice and helpful Dustin had been the day before at the kayaking challenge. Kim responded by saying: "You know what? That in itself is a sickness. Two faced, backstabbing people who will smile in your face one day and eat you up the next and that's why I don't have anything to do with Dustin because you're low down and that's the bottom line. If you even look at me, cuz you talk about losers, let's talk about losers. Okay, let's talk about I'm (meaning Screech) a fucking child star, now I got a porn tape on TV and selling t-shirts to pay my house notes. That's a fucking loser!". His only response is basically that she lost on her show and asks her if she is the American Idol. Come on Screech, can't you think of anything new? At least she has a hit song sitting on the charts at #12 this week. She doesn't sound like a loser to me.

Finally, Dustin walked up to the scale. Last time he weighed 208, with a weight loss goal of five pounds. This week he didn't lose a thing. He said that he didn't believe it. Dr. Ian told Dustin that he was going to be really honest. He said that he debated with himself how much time he wanted to give Dustin because in his opinion, he wasn't worth it. Dr. Kaiser then mentioned how Dustin was always isolating himself from everyone and wants to know what's going on with him. Dustin said he was two seconds from "being the bigger man" and walking away from the show (bigger man?). Harvey then told Dustin that he was "full of more shit than a hog house in the south". He's not there for the right reasons, since he's eating nothing but junk food still. Finally....Dustin QUIT. Harvey told him to just take it like a man and stay with the competition. He told Dustin that if he walked out the door, then he'd be a failure. On the way out Ant asked Dustin to not quit. If they're wanting controversy, I understand why they'd still want him....but otherwise, there's no point in keeping the guy.

Dustin walked out, called someone and told whoever it was that he was quitting the show and needed a ride back. Ant asked Warren to go talk him out of it, so he went and talked to him with Ross. Dustin said he didn't have a problem with either of them, but just didn't like Cledus. Ross said that Cledus was just upset with what Dustin had to say, otherwise there wasn't much else. Dustin then went on another tirade, and then Ant came into the room and tried to talk Dustin into staying. WHY WHY WHY?

Since Dustin had no ride home, he'd stay for the rest of the weigh-in, and then would be done afterward. He goes back into the weigh-in room without a microphone and waits for the others.

To speed up the process, the panel whipped right through everyone else.

Kimberly lost two pounds, and was down to 165.

Warren lost three pounds and was down to 206.

Tiffany only lost a pound, but had been sick for a while.

Da Brat lost nothing.

At the giant scale, the women lost more weight at the weigh-in (10 pounds) and had a better weight loss percentage (7.23%) than the men (9 pounds, 6.58%). The women are still in the lead.

Previews for next week show that Dustin was a part of the upcoming fit camp, which takes place in some snowy mountains. Someone actually busted out the dogsled, which looks like a lot of fun. Also for next week, both teams will have to vote off one of their teammates to the other squad. Does that negate the whole Men v. Women thing? Who knows?

Until next week, no nachos.


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