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Celebrity Rehab Season 5: Episode 5 Recap

Posted on 07/25/2011 by Gina in Celebrity Rehab

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Celebrity Rehab Season 5


by Mike Bandy


Celebrity Rehab began with Steven deciding to stay in rehab, stating that he wasn't going to let anybody else ruin his progress. Dr. Drew, Shelly, and another psychiatrist met with Steven and informed him that attacking Amy could no longer happen, and Steven apologized and agreed.

The next morning, at process group, Steven started off the conversation by apologizing publicly to Amy for the way he acted, which she accepted. I thought that was really cool of him to do, and hopefully, we'll see the two of them become allies in rehab together.


The group talked about their motivations for staying sober, and Bai became really emotional, saying that she dated a guy who would get her drunk and then sleep with her, and that she's a beautiful and talented actress, but the tabloids think she's a bimbo. She left the group in tears, and Shelly and Sean came after her to try to get her to feel better. The scene between Sean and Bai was absolutely beautiful to me - Sean told her that she's beautiful and talented and that everything was gonna be okay. She even got her to come back to group, and sat next to her and held her hand the whole time. These kind of relationships are so important in rehab, and I'm so happy to see that happen.


Later that day, the patients got to call friends and family to invite them to friends and family weekend, which was in a few days. There was an issue with Michael's ex, Kate Major, who is suspected to be an addict herself. He wanted her to come visit, even though all of their phone conversations end with Michael feeling upset. He actually hung up on her, and when she called back, Shelly said she'd look for Michael, but she hung up the phone and unplugged it. Ha.


We got a lot more insight into Bai's life this episode - she told Dr. Drew that she was in the Chinese Liberation Army at 14, and the leaders there often molested her. She identified with her attackers and was able to find forgiveness for them, and even had an understanding as to why they did those things. Bai has really been through a lot of hardship in her life, and Dr. Drew said that she has a long road ahead of her.


The next day, Dr. Drew arranged for the patients to visit Homeboy Industries, a program where former addicts and gang members give back to the community. It's the largest gang intervention rehab center in the country. Dr. Drew hoped that hearing the members' stories would show the patients that there is always hope, even when it doesn't seem like there is. The stories we heard from the members were absolutely heartbreaking - one man became a drug mule when he was six, another saw his wife and son shot dead in front of him, and one woman was addicted to drugs and alcohol for most of her life, and had her child taken away from her.
The patients really got a lot out of being there, because the members of Homeboy Industries were so strong and able to make it out of so much hardship. It was really inspirational.


Meanwhile, Michael had more drama with his ex, in the form of a phone call about his car. When he hung up the phone, Bob Forrest and Shelly sat him down and told him that he needs to focus on himself and keep negative people out of his life. He seemed to agree, but then there was more drama when Kate called back and told Michael that the stipulation of her visit for friends and family weekend would be that she enroll in rehab as well.


Michael was very upset about that, and almost stormed out of the Center. He found Shelly and said that they can give her a breathalyzer, and if she tests dirty for anything, they can make her leave, but they cannot force her to enter rehab. They've gotta follow the rules. Michael was then going to pack his belongings, though Dwight and Steven tried to get him to calm down. Michael asked Steven how he would react if this happened to him, and Steven said he'd be upset. Michael told Steven that he gave him a reason to leave.


In the final scene, Michael approached Shelly and said that if he didn't see Dr. Drew right then, he was leaving. The preview for next week shows that he didn't actually leave, Kate did come to the weekend, and there's more drama to come. Stay tuned.



Celebrity Rehab airs Sundays at 9/8c on Vh1


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