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Food Network Star Season 7: Episode 5 Recap

Posted on 07/04/2011 by Gina in The Next Food Network Star

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Food Network Star Season 7


by Allison L. Nowacki and Bryan J. Polk


We are down to the titillating ten this week in a ninety minute jammed packed episode. Bryan and I are greeted by a familiar location, Mel's Drive-In, and a very familiar guest, Mr. Guy Fieri. In this week's camera challenge, the contestants need to do a Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives style episode. Each segment (show opening, interviewing the chef, interviewing the owner, interviewing a crowd pleasing waitress, and the show closing) will be handled by two contestants going head to head. They each have a chance to shine in their own way. Unfortunately, this competition was really all filler and no thriller. It was great fun to watch but with no winners and no advantages getting handed out, there really was no pay off.


After running through the gauntlet of Triple D, it is Guy's job to assign dishes for this week's Star Challenge. Since it is the Fourth of July this week, it is only appropriate that the challenge was to take a typical American classic and give it a Food Network twist. American comfort foods start coming out of the Mel's kitchen and Guy is assigning those dishes seemingly without reason. He just hands them out as he sees fit. It doesn't get more "Guy" than that. They then have two hours to cook, forty five minutes to shop, and will be feeding 150 Food Network Fans at a large holiday celebration.


They all cooked their butts off in the kitchen for two hours and Susie has about had it with Chris. He was once again acting like a raging bull and shaking their entire cooking area causing Susie to become very distracted and frustrated. The drama didn't just stop there as it was brought back to the house later that night. All the girls, minus Penny, were hanging out upstairs while the boys and Penny were having some fun talking in the kitchen. Penny, as always, thinks that the world revolves around her and assumes that the girls are bad mouthing her upstairs. At this point, Jyll comes into the kitchen and overhears everything. In a very calm manner Jyll tries to explain to Penny that they in fact were not talking about her but it is true that the girls don't feel any connection to her based on her actions. Penny shuts the logic down and explains how she doesn't like the drama and quickly dismisses Jyll. It is getting to the point where Penny is almost unwatchable.


At the celebration the next day Guy was there to greet the contestants. He also hands them one more twist. Not only will they have to feed all those hungry people but also be their entertainment by presenting them with a three minute on stage demo. Talk about spur of the moment! They all get their choice of any costumes or props that they would like utilize and were rushed to the stage. Some of the more memorable demonstrations came from Jeff with his guitar playing, Vic with his bright red wig, Whitney with her sassiness and Mary Beth with her humor and insight. Falling flat were Chris who didn't pay attention to time, Penny who couldn't connect to the crowd and Justin D who donned an odd Southern accent.


The real decisions always come down to the food and while Mary Beth's demonstration was great, her honey mustard barbecued chicken was not. On the flip side Penny, who bombed on stage, knocked the judges socks off with her Middle Eastern take on sausage and peppers with macaroni salad consisting of lamb kabobs and tabouleh. Susie achieved a double whammy of a heartfelt demo and amazing rendition of barbeque pork ribs and coleslaw. Right on her heels in double whammy land is Jeff, who was upgraded from sandwich prince to sandwich king with his pretzel encrusted chicken slider and Vic with his gussied up lobster roll.


The next day at evaluations sparks start to fly as Penny attempts to place the blame for her poor performance on the actions of the other girls in the house and their distaste for her. Taking home the top prize is Susie. Also in the top, and therefore safe, are Jeff and Vic. The middle of the pack consists of Chris, Penny, Mary Beth & Whitney. Which leaves Justin D, Orchid and Jyll up for elimination. After much deliberation Justin D is sent home. His hamburger and pickled watermelon rind just did not deliver and his apparent identity crisis could not be resolved in time to become a Food Network star.



Food Network Star airs Sundays at 10/9c on Food Network.


(Image courtesy of Food Network)


You can find more from Allison and Bryan on their weekly reality show podcast at NotMakeFriends.com


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