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The Bachelor: Premiere Episode (4/2/07)

Posted on 04/04/2007 by RealityWanted in The Bachelor

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I have to admit ... The Bachelor roped me in right away. They showed new bachelor Andy Balwdin runnin around without his shirt, throwing rocks into the ocean while talking about how much love he has to give, and holding his Humanitarian Of The Year Award. What girl wouldn't swoon? Dammit! I hate being girly.

On his 30th birthday, Andy had the opportunity to meet the 25 women would be fighting ... er, VYING ... for his love & affection. During the first meetings, it seemed like he was enjoying brunettes better than blondes because he kept saying "Oh my Gosh" at the pretty brown haired girls. Stephanie T. ended up getting the first impression rose but I was not too thrilled because she actually said to him, "What's the deal with that rose?" Don't you people know you don't bring up the rose? You act like you don't see it and you MOVE ON!

A nervous Andy showed up his birthday party to find the girls competing in every way they could for his attention. One girl sang the national anthem to him & I was surprised that he said he was almost moved to tears by her performance! The girls, in their confessionals, talked about how hot he was & how he's a doctor & he's going to be theirs. Stephanie said: "I'm going to get rose after rose after rose until I get a ring on my finger". Ummm, didn't you guys meet 5 minutes ago?

In mid-episode, I'm feeling that Linda, Lindsay, and the drunk girl (Blakeney) won't make the first cut. Since I'm blogging as I'm watching, let's see just how good I am.

Can I just say, while I'm at the midway point, that I could never be on this show. I can watch it, but I can't be on it. There's too much girliness, cattiness for my liking. This is why I eat cookies on the couch & watch it as opposed to participating in it!

The desperate attempts for attention continued - baking a cake (using tequila instead of eggs - I wish I was kidding), backflips, pushup contests, squats contests, and yes ... someone did the worm across the living room floor. At the rose ceremony, Peyton received the first rose mostly because it was also her birthday (her 24th). 13 more were given out (including to the singer & the cake baker).

Am I amazing or WHAT? I called 3 that would be going home & I was right about all three. I'm like a reality goddess ... but I don't know if I'm proud of that. This season looks like it's full of intrigue & drama. I think Andy makes out with every girl & every girl claims she's falling in love with him. I'd be WAY too jealous to put with that ... but I'll be watching all season!

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