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Double Exposure: Episode 3 Recap

Posted on 06/30/2010 by Gina in Double Exposure

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Double Exposure


by Kristal Bailey


This week on Double Exposure, Lindsay Lohan tries to redeem herself after being over 8 hours late to the photoshoot. They're supposed to shoot a campaign for Lohan's 6126 Legging Line. After all the delays, Markus and Indrani are nearly $100,000 in the hole after paying all their people overtime.


Lindsay arrives and heads straight for the shoes. She whispers out a meek apology and that's the end of the issue. It's time to get the shoot done with already so everyone can go home. Even with her unpredictability, Markus still loves shooting her because she commits to the shoots and just goes for it.


After getting one great shot, Indrani wants to have the next shot planned out and set up but Markus just wants to get things moving. They fall back into their bickering and nitpicking routine. Luckily, Lindsay is busy with make up and changing her look so at least they aren't fighting in front of the client.


Markus has to approach this like a wildlife photographer - just wait by the watering hole for the lioness to come by. You never know what's going to happen with Lindsay. She keeps laughing out of nervousness. There are so many people in the room that she's getting self-conscious.


Lindsay has to head off to her friend's event, so the last two shots are a bit rushed. Even with the time crunch, I think my favorite shot of the day is of Lindsey inside all the window frames.


During the last set, Indrani takes off her shoes and it sets off a a whole new fight thus delaying them again. Markus refused to shoot until Indrani got some slippers. The last shot is definitely the sexiest with revealing leggings, a stripper pole, and big hair. They get another fantastic shot and then Lindsay is on her way.


GK Reid has been working with Indrani for 8 years and they've become good friends during that time.


For the next shoot, they're shooting Mark Vanderloo (Calvin Klein model) Alex Lundquest (Guess model) for OUT Magazine. Indrani modeled with Alex before and they're very chatty and flirty before the shoot. I sense a bit of jealousy from GK because of this; is a love triangle brewing? They originally met while Markus and Indrani were still dating - even more tension!


Indrani is taking the lead on this shoot and directing the male models, but Markus is having a hard time keeping quiet. Plus, Indrani keeps trying to flirt while directing and it's just not turning out well. She's beautiful, so she probably doesn't have to flirt much to get what she wants. Her flirting is definitely making GK and Markus a bit jealous though.


While Indrani and Markus have their disagreements during this shoot, the editor of OUT magazine noticed that "They use their points of tension as a springboard for creativity" which is a spot-on description of their partnership. Their altercations do in fact help their photos and keeps them on their toes when it comes to creating new, engaging shots.


After the photoshoot, GK asked Indrani to a "non-work dinner." While his execution was a little awkward, they agreed to go out so I'm excited to see how that goes. At a dinner with friends, Indrani asks for advice on the GK situation since she's never thought of him as anything other than a friend.


The next night, at their dinner, they get a chance to chat about the personal, outside-of-work lives. Indrani wants to label it, but GK is happy to just hang out and let it be whatever it is. Markus doesn't know about this meeting, but would definitely be jealous. Then things get even more awkward when Indrani asks him if he's straight or gay. He didn't directly answer the question, just saying that he wasn't seeing anyone right now, but I would think he's heterosexual since he's on a date with Indrani and seems interested in having it lead towards a relationship. After a very awkward date, it's unclear if they'll repeat the experience or if it'll be awkward at work now.



Tune in to Double Exposure every Tuesday at 11/10c on Bravo.

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