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Losing It with Jillian: Episode 5 Recap

Posted on 06/30/2010 by David in Losing It With Jillian Michaels

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Losing It with Jillian


by David McAlpine


This week on Losing It with Jillian, Jillian travels to Springfield, Tennessee to visit a traditional football family full of big fans. Helping the Vivios is a tall order for the short-statured trainer, though--even the mom, Laverne, is over six feet tall. Now that their dad, Mark, has taken a turn for the worse with his health, they've enlisted Jillian's help to turn their family around.


Apparently, this isn't the first time Mark has had a relapse with his health. In fact, he recently had his 11th procedure to try and stabilize his heart, and now he's solely confined to walking for exercise. That's not a problem for Jillian, though, as she has him walkin gall over the place. The rest of the family, however, doesn't get it so easy. They're using cement blocks and huge truck tires to get their workout. In true Jillian, "I am the queen of fitness fashion," she has 14-year old Elijah pulling her in a tractor across the field. The refreshing difference this week: this family is completely open to Jillian's workouts; not that much complaining or resistance.


But what's Losing It without a little drama, right? We're dealing with Jillian here, there always has to be tears! So Jillian sits down with Elijah, who tips the scales at 330 pounds and opens up about her past. She's very blunt, calling herself a "fat kid," but she got help around his age and she thanks her mom for getting her involved in martial arts. She told Elijah he needs to be more open with both his parents and take their help when they offer it.


Mark has a heart-to-heart with Jillian, too. When his heart had problems, Mark had to close his roofing business, but he still had bills to pay with older sons in college. So now, he drives a school bus to get by. Mark opens up about how his father always told him to suck it up and never told him that he loved him, which Jillian says isn't the way to go. Being tough is ok, but emotions need to be shared, too.


Now to the center of all this: a bridge that Mark built on their property washed away in a storm three months after he built it and around the time Mark's heart started to have problems. The family calls the remains "The Fall of Man," but Jillian refuses to let them keep it there. She demolishes the remains of the bridge with them and the Vivios start building a new one to symbolize their new start. After that, Jillian sits down with them and sets their eight-week goals, including Mark's goal (per Elijah) of not saying "Suck it up."


Eight weeks later, Jillian returns at the very same bridge, which has been completed. One by one, they cross into their new lives, both happier and healthier. Laverne lost 31 pounds, Elijah lost 50 and Mark lost a whopping 56, plus regained control over his health. Jillian gives the Vivios $50,000 to get back on their feet and gives her goodbyes, saying that this family is a true testament to hard work.


Catch an all new Losing It with Jillian next Tuesday at 8/7c only on NBC!


(Photo courtesy of NBC)


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