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True Beauty Season 2: Episode 5 Recap

Posted on 06/29/2010 by in True Beauty

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True Beauty


by Danae Young


This week on True Beauty, the contestants take a shot at being tour guides in Las Vegas.


Everybody was anxiously waiting back at the hotel hoping to see David walk in. Liz, however, wanted Craig to come back so once he walked in she lit up.


To celebrate Craig’s return, the crew decided to go out to a club. Craig was in a dancing mood after a few shots and he and Liz were getting pretty close at the club.


Once they got back to the hotel, Erika started talking smack about Liz to Taylor and Liz heard her. Liz got really pissed, but how can you blame her? It’s never fun to hear someone talking behind your back!


The judges this week are testing the contestants’ knowledge on Las Vegas by being a tour guide on a Double Decker bus. The tourists were the ones giving them their scores that determine their standings.


There is also a hidden challenge on top of it…surprise surprise! At the end of the tour, there was a hidden camera watching each contestant exit the bus where Nancy, a hired actress, will give the contestant her feedback card with very low scores on it. Giovanni, another hired actor, is playing the bus manager who tries to convince each contestant to change their scores to better ones.


Each contestant passed the test except for Liz. She actually told the guy to change the score before he even had the chance to offer.


The points were tallied up and Taylor was announced the winner.


Liz and Michelle were the bottom two and had to go back to the hotel to pack and mentally prepare for elimination.


The girls got one final chance to reveal themselves. As they headed downstairs to go to the elimination, a hired actor named John had to pretend to mistake both Liz and Michelle for celebrities and approach them. John was a larger and very sweaty man so the point was to see whether they would give him the time of day or not.


Michelle passed the test with flying colors. As for Liz, not so much.


At the final face-off, Michelle was announced safe. The judges revealed that the show is not only about outer beauty but inner beauty as well. Liz saw some of the footage of her stealing the outfit from the first episode and changing the score on her card this episode and it upset her so much that she walked out on the judges and demanded to leave without a goodbye.


Watch all new episodes of True Beauty Monday nights at 10/9c on ABC.


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