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Hell's Kitchen Season 7: Episode 6 Recap

Posted on 06/22/2010 by Gina in Hells Kitchen

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Hell's Kitchen Season 7


by Gina Scarpa


In the second hour of Hell's Kitchen, the you-know-what hit's the fan after Nilka is blindsided by Fran and nominated for elimination. Fran says she feels terrible and would take it back... but then why did she do it in the first place when she had so many other people to choose from?


Chef Ramsay meets with the chefs to discuss the five mother sauces: béchamel, demi-glace, hollandaise, tomato, and velouté. The teams will have to create five dishes, one for each of the sauces. As the blue team works together, Autumn feels right at home.  There's no cattiness, no drama, and the chefs are able to get things done and work cohesively. It's too bad the same can't be said for the red team. You could cut the tension in the air on their side of the kitchen with a steak knife.


Helping judge this challenge are Chef Ramsay's mother, Helen, and his wife, Tana. Fran scores a point in the tomato sauce round, while Jay and Siobhan both miss out on points in the hollandaise round. Ed scores a point in the velouté round, Nilka scores with her demi-glace round, and Benjamin scores in the béchamel round. With a tie score, Chef Ramsay highlights the best dish for the winning point which belongs to Jason. He lost to Nilka in the demi-glace round but Gordy loved it!


The red team have to clean the ovens until they're spotless as punishment. That was actually more like torture for Siobhan, who suffered an allergic reaction from the cleaning products. The blue team enjoyed an afternoon drinking beer and playing darts in a pub. They also each won a new set of cookware. Not bad!


Hell's Kitchen is back to their regular menu for this dinner service so there's no reason for screwups, right? Ah, if only it were that simple. Salvatore is ripped a new one for throwing fresh rice into a pot of risotto that was one minute away from being ready because he suddenly realized he was supposed to make two orders, not one. The risotto isn't going much better in the red kitchen, which is Nilka's station.


Chef Ramsay continues to pick on Scott, screaming at him for his stone cold food.  He even admits that he knew it was undercooked but hoped it wouldn't be that bad.  How can you trust that?!  When Ramsay sees dish after dish from the red team that is unacceptable, he throws the entire group out of the kitchen, screaming and swearing all the while.  I should mention that families, parents and children, are dining in Hell's Kitchen tonight.


Gordy and his sous chefs are left to finish the dinner service for the red team, while they sit upstairs and blame one another for their pitiful performance.  I'm sure it comes as no surprise that they've lost the challenge and they nominate Fran and Scott.  Fran feels that Siobhan should be nominated instead of her.  Nilka quickly runs to Siobhan's defense and it's obvious there some alliances are being formed.  Scott jumps in to call himself the best chef on the team and attacks his team members.  That just threw another target on his back and he's brought down to face Ramsay along with Fran and Siobhan.  It's Scott's last time being nominated as he and his ego are sent packing from the competition.


Benjamin is sent to the red team to try to help them but is there any saving them?


To find out what happened in the first hour of Hell's Kitchen, click here!


Hell's Kitchen airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on Fox.


(Image courtesy of Fox)


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