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Ghost Hunters Season 6.1: “Norwich State” - Episode 9 Recap

Posted on 05/05/2010 by Chad in Ghost Hunters

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Ghost Hunters Season 6.1


Norwich State Hospital – Norwich, CT


TAPS becomes the first to investigate the Norwich State Hospital which couldn’t possibly look more run down then it already does.  Really not sure why the state has not decided to just destroy what’s left.  Built in 1904, it’s more of a campus then just one building, but a few of the buildings have had more paranormal activity then others.  The hospital specialized in the mentally insane, and of course the criminally insane were housed there as well.  People have reported hearing blood curling screams, footsteps, moaning, children playing, animals, and other strange noises.  Also reported were mists, shadows, strange lights, and human faces coming out of nowhere.


TAPS co-founders Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson started out in the Research building and it wasn’t long before the believed the saw a figure go from left to right at the end of the hallway.   Grant then saw a faint light flash in the stairwell and heard footsteps as if something was going down the stairs followed by a moan.  Not long after this they heard a whimpering, like that of a dog.  It then happened again and would end up being part of the evidence they would show the client.  They headed to what’s called the “Tunnels” underneath the buildings.  They reported hearing conversations and other noises and, not long after this, they believed they saw something move farther down the decomposing, asbestos filled tunnel.  The asbestos became so bad that they decided to get out for safety reasons. 


Britt Griffith and K.J. McCormick headed to the rooms of the mental hospitals and one could not help but notice the heavy wooden, windowless, doors that were attached to each room.   As they were investigating a loud banging grabbed their attention like somebody was pounding on the heating system cylinders upstairs.  They could not track down the noise so they moved on.  Next stop was the autopsy room, and as they went by one of the closets, K.J. claimed he saw a figure with a defined face staring at them.  Nobody was in there but it coincides with what has been reported.  They headed down the hall and, just like Jason and Grant, believed they saw something cross their path at the end of the hall.  K.J. reported it as a 3 or 4 ft shadow figure.  Britt then picked up the figure as well and they both decided to slowly approach it.  They got down to the end of the hall but nothing or no one was around. 


Amy Bruni and Kris Williams headed to the hospitals morgue.  As they were trying to make some type of communication in the autopsy room, they heard a noise out in the hallway so they went out re-started their EVP session there.   Nothing else happened on this trip but maybe the audio recorders would share some evidence later on.  They then headed to the Administration building where I’m sure the workers drove themselves insane with their mundane work.  Amy heard some noises but nothing major to make note of.  After heading through the tunnels they ended up in, what they believed was another hospital.  As they were walking down the hall they heard a door open and close.  They asked if someone could open or close a door for them again, and on queue and in site of the camera, the door behind them began to close and it made a loud enough noise for them to notice it and immediately freak out.  This was followed by a dragging noise.  This would be the #1 piece of evidence they would show the client. 


Jason and Grant made their way to the building where the kept the criminally insane.  This building may have been in the worst shape of all the buildings that had investigated so far.  They heard voices, footsteps, moaning, and other noises which they can only attribute to what you might expect to hear in an area of crazy people kept up behind bars. 


All the team members had multiple personal experiences.  Many times Jason and Grant mentioned hearing moaning, talking, footsteps, and other strange noises.   They caught the door moving on video and did get the sound of an animal making a whimpering noise.  All of these items seemed to back up what the caretakers have reported in the past.  TAPS had no problem calling the Norwich State Hospital haunted. 



Chad Alan

Story by: Chad Alan


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