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Ghost Hunters Season 6.1: “Spirits in the Night” - Episode 8 Recap

Posted on 04/28/2010 by Chad in Ghost Hunters

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Ghost Hunters

(Photo courtesy of SyFy) - Left to Right -  Amy Bruni, Kris Williams, Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson, Dave Tango, and

Steve Gonsalves


Scully House – Bellingham, MA


First, thanks to everyone for making the Ghost Hunters articles one of the most highly read on RealityWanted.com!


TAPS goes back to looking into actual “Haunted” houses when they head to the Scully family house.  The house itself is very unassuming, in fact the actual house was divided into three separate residences and somehow the Scully’s got the lucky creepy one.  The surrounding area seems very backwoods-like and you have to wonder if this may be an area in which past war battles have been fought and now these spirits are forever stuck on the grounds.  The Scully’s son, Tyler, seems to be the most disturbed by the ghosts to the point where his parents took him to the doctor and a therapist to try and evaluate whether or not what he was reporting was real or not.  Tyler had reported seeing a young boy and girl, as well as, an old man.  The ghost children are said to play with his toys and disappear out the window.  He no longer sleeps in the room and only sleeps with his parents.  Eventually the rest of the family began seeing shadowy figures, some resembling that of a woman dressed in attire from older times.   They’ve also seen a pair of legs climbing the stairs with a black substance moving the legs.  Various noises of footsteps have been heard coming from the upstairs hallways and bedrooms even though the entire family was downstairs. 


TAPS co-founders Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes were the first to investigate the house, as usual.  They began in the living room and immediately started an EVP session, trying to explain to the spirits why they were they and hoped to communicate that the family was scared and wanted to know what the spirits wanted.  They heard a dragging noise coming from the upstairs so they headed up to investigate, including looking in the attic area.  They believed they may have targeted the sound coming from a children’s doll stroller rubbing up against the wall, meaning something or someone was moving it.  Since the young son Tyler has reported a young girl and boy playing with the children’s toys, it’s possible that they were experiencing this occurrence.  Grant and Jason headed back downstairs and began trying to communicate again with spirits and it wasn’t long before they started to hear some noise coming from upstairs, this time more of a pounding or running in the hallway that was audible to the viewer.   They headed upstairs after they continued to hear the thumping noise, as well as, some talking.  A few more noises came from Tyler’s room but nothing more significant happened.


Britt Griffith and K.J. McCormick, an extra hand for the case, spent their investigative time in the children’s bedrooms.  They heard a few noises and then tracked that noise to the closet, the same closet that has said to rattle uncontrollably.  The rattle was caught on tape but they could not get any more activity.  They headed downstairs to the main room and were getting some strange EMF spikes.  Britt actually got a bit sick and had to leave the area.  Britt and K.J. went back to Tyler’s room to see if they could get some evidence in what has been considered the “heart” of the house.  The focus went back to the closet, which seemed to have a scratching noise coming from it and anyone who has seen the movie “Poltergeist” knows not to mess around with closets.   They opened the closet but nothing was in there and the noise stopped.


Amy Bruni and Kris Williams also spent time in the upstairs bedroom and Amy thought they might have heard a young boy’s voice come from Tyler’s bedroom.  They did a long EVP session but did not report any additional activities while in the room.


The evidence review produced a few good items.  At one point when Amy Bruni was investigating there was a giggling heard in the background followed by a children’s voice whispering something that could not be made out but was picked up on audio.  Amy had reported hearing a young child’s voice while investigating.  Another inaudible whisper was caught during one of Jason and Grant’s investigations.  It was eerie but nobody could make out what was being said.  They were able to capture the footsteps from upstairs on their audio recorders.  The big payoff came when the team got one of the better pieces of ghostly evidence of all time when one of their cameras caught the daughter’s doll stroller moving quite a bit.  If you missed the show, go to the website and check it out.  This place is haunted.


Chad Alan

Story by: Chad Alan


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