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The Amazing Race 16: Episode 8 Recap

Posted on 04/05/2010 by Gina in The Amazing Race

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The Amazing Race 16


by Vin Convertito


This week's episode of The Amazing Race travelled from Seychelles to Penang, Malaysia in what was, according to Jordan, "by far the toughest leg" and definitely the hottest leg of the race. With six teams left and a non-elimination leg back in Seychelles, everyone seemed a little more serious, a little more intense and that much more fixed on winning the million dollar prize.


To start, teams had to decide between Chinese Tradition or Buddhist Tradition for their detour. Chinese Tradition consisted of balancing a giant flag on your face, chin or nose- whichever worked best- and walking an impressive distance without dropping the flag. The Buddhist Tradition seemed much more demanding where teams would have to carry very large, long and heavy candles- ranging anywhere from 4-10 feet in length- up the very many Temple steps, next the candles would be properly arranged in the enormous candle holder and finally they were to be lit!


Jet and Cord were the only ones to complete the Chinese Tradition and in typical cowboy fashion, they did it with relative ease. Steve and Allie showed up to the Chinese Tradition detour but Allie immediately recognized the challenge as one she could not handle; as a result, they lost precious time and took a taxi to the temple for some giant candle exercise. It was quite the workout just watching the five teams carrying the candles up the steps, over and over. Louie may have had the toughest time with the cardiovascular expectations of the detour, but never once did he suggest they rest!


Having the good fortune of avoiding elimination in Seychelles, the cowboys knew they would have to face a speed bump this week. Although it was an obvious inconvenience, the penalty did not hinder them in the least bit; Jet and Cord were able to make it to the Tropical Spice Garden, meet the lady brewing tea and deliver the correct cup of tea to the expecting Guru on a swing. Yes, the Guru mediates on a swing and drinks his tea just the same; Buddhist multitasking I suppose!


If anything, the speed bump may have been a blessing for the cowboys. They barreled through the detour, blasted past the speed bump and rallied their way to the roadblock way before any other team could hail a taxi. And as Michael noted, "one bad cab driver could cost you a million dollars." But the cowboys made all the right moves on their way to the village of Teluk Bahang.


Here the roadblock asked "whose life can use a splash of color?" Jet heeded the call and was the first to smash coconut after coconut until finally splitting one open that was not white, but instead very colorful. After finding the colored coconut, the broken pieces were used to decorate a traditional Hindu offering that would be sent out to sea. From here, the cowboys would race to the pit stop unopposed.


Meanwhile, Brent and Caite were making decent time on their detour and heading to coconut alley with their rivals, Carol and Brandy, right behind them; of the six teams, these two are pretty vocal about their distaste for one another! But the only thing on the minds of the detectives is winning and Louie and Michael found themselves laughing as Dan and Jordan and Steve and Allie left their cabs because of traffic and took off on foot to the roadblock. The smiling detectives were happy with their choice of staying in the taxi; they made it to the roadblock much quicker. And their luck continued as Louie would only have to smash two coconuts open when other teams broke dozens before seeing the color they were looking for.


Jet and Cord became the first team to ever come from last place, have to face a speed bump only to take a leg in the show's history. But the cowboys are that team; they get it done time and time again and as a result, they took their third leg this week. Next to arrive at the Pinang Peranakan Mansion, take off their shoes and make it to the pit stop- to the dismay of Brent and Caite- were Carol and Brandy. The models would have to be content with coming in third, but not before Brent pouted and sighed just a little bit for the camera.


Dan and Jordan would be safe this leg with their fifth place finish and eliminated were Steve and Allie whose fruitless visit to the Chinese Tradition detour changed the fate of this week's race. But Steve and Allie loved every second of the experience and the father and daughter team couldn't be happier having spent so much time together. Steve went on to say that this race has trumped having earned a World Series ring - now those are the words of a true champion and a great father!



Tune in to The Amazing Race next Sunday at 8/7c on CBS!


(Image courtesy of CBS)



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