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The Celebrity Apprentice Season 3: Episode 2 Recap

Posted on 03/21/2010 by David in The Celebrity Apprentice

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The Celebrity Apprentice


by David McAlpine

Last time on the Celebrity Apprentice, 14 celebrities began their fight to become Trump's latest D-list favorite. The group split up into two teams (Tenacity, the women, and Rock Solid, the men) and had to make the most money they could at a diner. The women opted for a lower price point and came up almost $20,000 short, sending them to the boardroom. In the end, Carol Leifer, the comedienne, was sent packing.

Getting the good stuff out of the way first, last week's winner, Bret Michaels, gets to present his check to a diabetes foundation. All the kids get to take a look inside the boardroom and take turns firing people--it's actually kind of cute.

Back to the cutthroat competition, this week's task is simple: making a new brand for Kodak's "Kodak moments" campaign. Each team gets a storefront and they have to figure out the most creative way for people to get their photos taken.

On the Project Manager front, offers were getting denied left and right. Eventually Rod does what he does best and shifts the spotlight onto Sinbad, who gets voted as the men's leader. Maria Kanellis gets appointed for Tenacity after Sharon Osbourne says she's getting sick. Cold feet, perhaps?

The women take off running with a red carpet theme while Sinbad…seems to be spinning his wheels. He keeps saying things, but none of them make sense when they're strung together.

Cyndi becomes the team nuisance for Tenacity while Rock Solid is still getting nowhere thanks to Sinbad's dominance over everything. Bret feels left out, as does Rod (who, if you remember, designated Sinbad to be the leader).

Eventually, the red carpet idea that Tenacity had morphs into a wrestling-style moment storefront a la Maria's wrestling background. Meanwhile, all the guys can come up with is inviting people inside and taking pictures with them. Bret starts pitching a fit that he has nothing to do, and Sinbad finally tells him to stop being so hyperactive.

Our two favorite ladies, Cyndi and Sharon, start stirring up trouble on Tenacity. Sharon's cough seems to be too much and she goes home for the day, while Cyndi gets increasingly annoying, to the point where Selita says she'd rather get hit by a bus than spend more time with her. Ouch.

The guys still have no plan (which is made abundantly clear to Sinbad multiple times), while the Make-A-Wish Foundation (Maria's charity) comes by with several kids to experience their own Kodak moments.

The next day rolls around and it's time for the teams to open up their storefronts. Basically, Sinbad's print job gets screwed up, so the men are left with a blank wall and themselves as props. Add in that Rob is super proud of his balloon job and Bret was late, and it's a recipe for disaster. The women, however, have a pretty good WWE theme, wrestling belts, all sorts of props and cupcakes. So, it's no surprise when the Kodak executives award Tenacity and Maria the win.

In the boardroom, even though everyone made a huge fuss about how much Sinbad sucks, no one points the finger at him. In fact, it takes Sinbad himself to admit his own wrongdoing and therefore seal his own fate for the guys to have a scapegoat.

It's not over yet, though. Sinbad says Bret lost focus (on what, we'll never know since he had nothing to do), but everyone else seems to be fine with Sinbad leaving. Sinbad brings Bret and Rod back with him into the final decision, but it's not of any help. Trump fires Sinbad for not being able to manage Bret or a task, for that matter.

Which celebrity will get fired next? Find out on Sunday at 9/8c on the next episode of the Celebrity Apprentice, only on NBC.

(Photo courtesy of NBC)

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