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Kell On Earth: Episode 6 Recap

Posted on 03/15/2010 by Gina in Kell on Earth

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Kell On Earth


by Gina Scarpa


Tonight, on Kell On Earth, it's starting to become clear that Andrew S. and Robyn do not have the greatest working relationship. Sure, she seems to get along with the other staffers but that smile gets wiped right off her face every time Andrew has to do something for her. It seems like he contemplates quitting every time we hear from him but only time will tell if he has the tough skin to make it at People's Revolution.


News flash: Andrew Mukamal has BANK! A single outfit of his is worth more than everything sitting in my closet. He has a swank apartment that is connected to his parents' place and is filled with designer furniture that would probably make you pass out if you caught a glimpse at the price tag. Still, you have to give Andrew M. some props. The guy really doesn't need to work but chooses to because who really wants to sit around all day and do absolutely nothing with their life?


While sitting outside on a break from work, Robyn lands herself a cute little skater boy named Lucien to take with her to events and just have some fun with. When Lucien heads back to Seattle (where he's from), Kelly tries to find Robyn another boy toy and scores a hot waiter out at dinner. She gets his number for Robyn but she seems too consumed with work to really settle down with anyone right now.


Andrew S. really manages to piss everyone off when he announces he'll be taking off to California for a week to go to a wedding. First of all, who needs a week to go to a wedding? Three days max, buddy. It's the week after Fashion Week and there's a ton of follow up work and press to still do. People's Rev is already short staffed and Andrew being gone means that everyone will have to stay even later each night at work than they already do.


The other Andrew decides he's going to throw an Addams Family themed dinner party and spends precious work time planning it with his mother. He takes off to go pick out an outfit and get things ready but the day's work isn't finished. Andrew invites Skinner and Michelle (and no one else from the office) but they can't show up until they finish everything they need to do for Kelly. When they roll up to Andrew's two hours late, he shoots them an attitude when he was the one who bailed on them!


When everyone returns to work the next day, they found out that Andrew S. decided to quit People's Revolution via text message. Real classy.



Kell On Earth airs Mondays at 10/9c on Bravo.


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