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The Biggest Loser 9: Episode 5 Recap

Posted on 02/02/2010 by David in The Biggest Loser

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The Biggest Loser 9


by David McAlpine

Last time on The Biggest Loser, Lance and Melissa won yet another challenge (á la Tracey from last season) and got to dole out some disadvantages, including a 2-pound subtraction from Miggy and Migdalia's weight loss. When it came down to the scale, the Green Team finds out they would have been sunk even without the punishment, but that didn't stop them from blowing up. Even though Melissa indirectly targeted Miggy, Migdalia did everything she could to get people to send her home.

Cut to the house at 2:51 am, when an EMT has to visit the house. It's unclear who's having trouble with their health or what's going on, but obviously someone's in trouble. The next day, Ali explains that Miggy was taken to the hospital for stomach pains, and it was left at that. All that for stomach pains? Come on now, NBC, that was a little much.

Ali also explains that this day marks the one month milestone since they arrived at the ranch, and you know what that means: it's time to add another team back into the mix. Either the Blue Team or the Yellow Team would be joining everyone else in the game and be invited back to the ranch.

Both teams stepped out and they looked amazing--possibly even better than people who had been on the show for a month. I'm not sure anyone could have said with certainty who had lost more weight, but they weren't ready to be weighed in just yet. Instead, Jillian and Bob had another last chance workout in mind for them so they could get everything out and the trainers could figure out where they stack up.

It was finally time to weigh in both the teams:

Cherita: -24
Vicky: -39
Blue Team Total: -63 (-9.92%)

Sunshine: -25
O'Neal: -51
Yellow Team Total: -76 (-11.45%)

Considering the teams only had access to the trainer's advice, not face time, they both did exceptional. However, Cherita and Vicky didn't do good enough and they were sent ohm yet again. As for Sunshine and O'Neal, they started to move back in the house, ready to compete.

Everyone hits the gym for a post-elimination torture session, and the heat is on Melissa. Bob, however, is over the tension between he and Jillian and Melissa, and that he respects her after she dropped the weight last week (because she didn't drop weight at all the last two weeks?). Jillian focused on Daris and getting him to have an emotional breakthrough, to get rid of the "fat, funny guy" image. I've never seen Jillian be more inspirational--it makes me want to work out with her that much more.

The product placement on this show takes a severe downhill turn when Bob practically forces Jennie-O turkey down Sunshine and O'Neal's throats. I mean, when you start a conversation about comfort food, of course you're going to talk about ice cream and Oreos, not…meat?

In a brilliant production move, the challenge this week is Super Bowl themed (even though this was filmed months ago), where contestants have to hit blocking pads 1,000 times. I wonder if the challenge producers sit around and think about what they can make the contestants do over and over and over again, then just ramp up the repetitions. Either way, Gray and Red were again pulling ahead, until, out of nowhere, Michael explodes into the lead and wins immunity. Remember when the Gray Team said he wasn't trying hard enough? Yeah, I bet that's a hard pill to swallow.

However, the last team to finish, which happened to be Sherry and Ashley, were given a two-pound disadvantage. Considering they've been hovering just above the yellow line every single time, I think this might be the nail in their coffin. There's still Miggy, though, who had to get an appendicitis when she went to the hospital. Now, people may think that she hasn't gotten the chance to exercise, so she's done, but hey, an appendix can weight a good amount--it's weight lost! Plus, Miggy seems really happy and quite determined, so I'm not giving up on her just yet.

It was time for the last-chance workout for everyone, and Jillian sets her sights on Ashley (probably because she knows she has the disadvantage and she needs all the help she can get). Ashley reveals that she's been holding back because she's upset about her dad dying, and then she starts to sob. Score two for Jillian this episode.

Before the weigh-in, Sunshine and O'Neal talk about gameplay…already. O'Neal is clearly going to be one to watch out for later in the game, because he knows what he's doing. Is it so bad that I find him refreshing? I might be a bad person, but I want some good TV! On to the weigh-in:

Sunshine: -5
O'Neal: -5
Yellow Team Total: -10 (-1.70%) [immune]

Michael: -13
White Team Total: -13 (-2.85%) [immune]

Daris: -3
Cheryl: -12
Orange Team Total: -15 (-3.05%)

Ashley: -9
Sherry: -6
Pink Team Total: -15
Total with disadvantage: -13 (-2.54%)

Sam: -10
Koli: -6
Gray Team Total: -16 (-2.42%)

Miggy: -5
Green Team Total: -5 (-2.37%)

Stephanie: -5
Purple Team Total: -5 (-2.17%)

Andrea: -5
Darrell: -8
Black Team Total: -13 (-2.1%)

Melissa: -5
Lance: -4
Red Team Total: -9 (-1.73%)

John: -6
Brown Team Total: -6 (-1.41%)

So, there was no need to have an elimination ceremony--John had fallen below the yellow line by himself. Sure, Melissa had broken the 200 pound mark (and was still disappointed in Lance, by the way), but I think all the feeling was going towards John, who had fought so hard.

Back at home, John has lost a total of 104 pounds and found a new love: martial arts. With a twin brother at home who went through the same thing, I think John and James have a really legitimate show at winning it all on finale night.

Be sure to tune in to the next episode of The Biggest Loser on Tuesday at 8/7c only on NBC!

(Photo courtesy of NBC)

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