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The Girls Next Door Season 6: Episode 7 Recap

Posted on 11/22/2009 by Gina in The Girls Next Door

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The Girls Next Door Season 6

by Danae Young

This week on The Girls Next Door, Brigitte comes to visit and the girls make a lemonade stand!

Bridget showed up at the mansion and went to the twins’ room, which used to be her room for seven years!

Bridget asked the girls to be apart of the 9th Annual Celebrity Catwalk. So Bridget showed up with a huge assortment of outfit ideas and the girls had their own mini fashion show downstairs in the mansion. Hef came down to see the progress…or hoping to catch them in the middle of an outfit change…who knows!

The girls approached Mary with an idea to have their own charity event. The best idea they had was a lemonade stand…in Beverly Hills. That should be interesting. They decided to raise the money for AIDS Project Los Angeles.

The girls went into the kitchen to try making their own lemonade which didn’t really turn out tasting so much like lemonade. I’ll give them two thumbs up for effort though. They squeezed all of the lemons themselves but it just wasn’t up to par with Minute Maid. So, Hef saved the day and told them he would supply the lemonade. We know he isn’t going to be hand squeezing any lemons so he must mean he will be buying the lemonade.

The girls head off to Bridget’s charity event and get ready backstage.

A bunch of different celebrities were walking the catwalk including previous playmates and a bunch of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars dancers.

Crystal was super nervous to go down the runway but she ended up doing a great job! The twins were told they weren’t going to be walking down the catwalk together so they got pretty upset about that. But, they worked their magic and convinced the staff to let them walk together. They definitely had some swagger out there on the runway.

The next day, the girls got their lemonade stand together. Sure enough, Hef got them Minute Maid lemonade to sell along with some Playboy water bottles, which you can only get at the mansion!

At first the business was, well, there wasn’t any. Haha. Slowly but surely more and more people started showing up. Even Hef’s son, Cooper, stopped by. I’ve never seen what he looked like before so it was kind of funny to see. It’s weird to think Hef has kids that are older than his girlfriends!

At the end of the day, the girls ended up donating around $8,000 to AIDS Project Los Angeles. Great success, girls!

Catch the adventures of Hef and the girls on The Girls Next Door, every Sunday night at 10/9c on E!

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