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The Girls Next Door Season 6: Episode 2 Recap

Posted on 10/18/2009 by Gina in The Girls Next Door

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The Girls Next Door Season 6


by Danae Young

Tonight, on The Girls Next Door, Crystal, Hef, and friends head over to Las Vegas to meet up with the twins and Holly.

The twins are doing another signing so the group stops by to say hello to the girls. Once again the twins are wearing matching outfits in different colors, is that really necessary? Then the group heads up to the Hugh Hefner suite. It would be so awesome to have my own suite in Vegas!

Crystal and her two friends head back downstairs to do some quick shopping at the Playboy store while Hef stays upstairs to play cards with his brother Keith, how cute!

Everyone meets back up at the suite to get ready for dinner with Holly. Hef had a family style dinner in the suite by bringing the mansion to Vegas. Holly showed up for dinner with her cute new puppy, Napoleon. Crystal and Holly hung out for the first time, so awkward!

After dinner, Hef and the girls go off to watch Holly’s peep show. They pick Hef out in the crowd at the show and bring him up on stage. The crowd went wild and gave him a standing ovation.

The show ends and everyone goes backstage to Holly’s dressing room to congratulate her. Holly asks them all to paint sheep on her wall because she plays the role of Little Bo Beep in her show. Crystal must’ve been relieved to finally be around Hef without the awkwardness of Holly’s presence.

They all head over to the Playboy Comedy Club in the Palms Hotel where the twins are making a guest appearance. So Hef, Crystal, and her two friends head over with them to watch the act.

It was a busy night for everybody. They don’t even spend the night in Vegas, lame! Instead, they jump into the private jet and head back to Los Angeles.

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