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Showmance, Romance and the Backyard Camera - Big Brother AllStars Episode 22 Recap

Posted on 08/28/2006 by RealityWanted in Big Brother

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By Lin Sbordone

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What can be said about this episode other than wow?  For any true lover of Big Brother, this show really had it all and really was o­ne that must be seen to be fully appreciated. Last night was a definite demonstration about why these particular individuals rightfully have made the top six.  Sexy, utterly hilarious, and filled with strategy to boot, what could not be loved about last night's show?Starting off with more anger from Dani about James' leaving, the houseguests were shown in post-show clips in the living room, where Will took credit for the last three evictions.  He said he was using this strategy to get taken to jury and not be seen as the threat, though Boogie didn't seem to understand and tried to take the blame away.  There were many strategic back and forth with everyone speaking to everyone basically in secret, with the main focus throughout being Dani and Chill Town's attempts to make amends in order to ensure themselves yet another week of safety.  With Erika as HOH, the audience was shown footage of Erika whispering into Dani's ear during the hug scene that followed, "You are so safe."  As everyone should know by now in All-Stars, it very well could be a foreshadowing of impeding doom to come.  Regardless, Dani spoke with Boogie about why Janelle would have voted against her ally unless Will had basically conned her into it.  Always analytical, she couldn't wrap her head around this, so she spoke to Boogie in the diary room who wanted to regain control of Dani until it was, "Time for her to go."  In between, Janelle stated that she was trying to devise a plan that would save Chill Town and her this week after being told by Boogie what she already knew: She was likely going to be nominated along with Chicken George. 
Then it was "poker time" where the "Puppet Master" Dr. Will and his apprentice Boogie decided to teach poker to those who didn't know how to play.  Apparently since he plays a great deal, Boogie considered he an expert at poker and thought this would be easy while they played with M&M's as money markers.  Janelle, always lucky or born under a lucky star, possibly the latter, ended up cleaning house and making fools out of everyone at the table.  Way to go and a nice comedy segment especially combined with the scenes compiled throughout the season of Chicken George doing belly flops into the pool with the other current houseguests shouting from the Jacuzzi, "Chicken George, and Chicken George."
Will again saved the boring HOH room scene that was over-decorated in what can o­nly be described as floral for Erika, by stating it looked like the floor had an epileptic seizure.  Looking at cast photos, he went o­n to state in the DR, "I'm no Brad Pitt but the season four cast photo looked like a bunch of beasts."  Red wine in hand, Erika and Dani proceeded to strategize and bond it up in her new "very floral" room about Janelle not voting for James and why Will would take credit for the evictions.  Again Dani decided that Will talked Janelle into this move, which might partially have been his mind games but partially was likely that Janelle felt betrayed, being as how she actually was, but for some reason both women seemed to miss this point.  Dani went o­n to say referring to Will, "I'm getting rid of him as soon as I can....He's got to go."  They both agree, as did most of the house, that Janelle voting against James was stupid because it lost his jury vote were she to make it to the final two.  (But let's not get anywhere near ahead of ourselves houseguests!)  Dani goes o­n in the DR to state that, "My hurt is now anger," Despite a fairly forthright talk and attempt by Will to explain why he felt James must have gone and apologizing to Dani for doing what he knew hurt her personally, Dani continued to state in the DR that, "I am going to take great pleasure in sending Will home."
For some comic relief and perhaps a bit of insight into their "relationship" o­n screen, we found Will and Janelle alone in the hot tub.  He accused her of falling for him and her same to him, privately stating, "Flirting with Will makes me feel good...It gives me something to do."  The conversation went o­n to cover Will proposing that if they were the last two people o­n earth and all the world's survival depended upon their procreation, would Janelle have sex with him.  She goes o­n to answer, "I wouldn't like you, but I'd still have sex with you."  While very humorous as it played out, Janelle's eye and body language seem to be betraying her words, but that remains to be seen and the extent of her possible infatuation yet another unknown factor.
We then saw Boogie buzz the HOH room doorbell and ask Erika if she wants some alone time, to which she responded that she wanted some Boogie time.  As Boogie settled in, Erika told him that she needed to nominate Janelle and Will.  Boogie wasn't going to have any part of these and tried to deter her immediately.  She called him out o­n his claiming that he would be glad to send Will to the jury, to which he replied that was absolutely true, but that he absolutely couldn't consider getting rid of Will yet.  When called o­n her allegiance to whether he wanted to go to the final two with her or Will, he remained hesitant and rather non-committal while attempting to comfort her, not really doing a great job.  Through his diary room session, the viewers were reassured by Boogie that, "Obviously my allegiance is to Will, and I want to go to the final two with him."  Erika basically ended the conversation by stating, "If I find out you're playing me..."
What can be said about the food competition, the birds and the bees, where everyone had to dip crazy costumes into nectar and then have the helpers jump o­n their backs squeezing the nectar into vats, other than that it was very sexual and hilarious in nature.  Big Brother even slowed down a clip of the two women o­n top of each other as if it were a lesbian love scene, but still in the most classy way possible.  George belly flopped many people which made them uncomfortable due to his weight, and in the end, all the houseguest won was basically meat and fish, a catered dinner, Christmas in August, and slop pass which of course they gave to Chicken George.  To sum this up, Will's wording again was the most appropriate, "Only thing we can eat this week is meat and beer...It's kinda like the Atkins diet for alcoholics."  No recap can do this justice.
No recap can possibly do justice to Will's love-making scene to the camera in the backyard either.  He either needs an Emmy nomination or the boys in the white coats to take him away.  First seducing it, then making love to it, then breaking up with it, this was truly and utterly hysterical.  If you missed the episode, it was a bad night if you needed a laugh.  Will said at o­ne point, a phrase which certainly will go down in Big Brother history or at least o­n his next line of t-shirts, "It might look like I'm making love to the camera, but I'm making love to you America."  Okay then.  Glad that was clear and the Canadians have no need to be in fear!
Then prior to the nomination ceremony, Will stated that he was putting Chill Town's fate in Mike Boogie's love-making ability, asking himself if he were really doing such a thing.  Apparently he did and it worked, because as they again got snuggly and talked things over, he tried now that Will seemed to be safe from nomination for the week to in turn save Janelle, and repeatedly stated how Dani could not be trusted and why.  Erika even admitted in the DR, especially since she and Janelle called a truce somewhere during the episode, that Dani is probably her largest threat right now, but she feels unsure what to do.
Whatever went o­n in the dark that night, at the nomination ceremony, the keys were pulled in the following order after a really brief speech that basically assured everyone her nominations were strictly strategic: Dani, Mike, Will, leaving poor Chicken George o­n the block alongside Janelle yet again.  Janelle responded by stating that she expected to be nominated and that she's planning o­n winning the veto and rubbing it in all their faces.  Chicken George stated, "I just hope the pawn makes it all the way to the end and becomes the King."  Many others do as well at this point George.
Wherever you stand and whomever are your favorites in the game, it can't be emphasized enough what a truly must see this really was.  Sometime today the episode will be available through Innertube at www.cbs.com, and it is recommended those that can find the time actually watch it.  Will Janelle successfully save herself yet again, and if so, will Erika remain, "A simple girl from a small town called Chill" and replace her with Danielle, her friend to whom she utterly and likely at the time truthfully promised safety?  Or will she put her membership card at stake and nominate Boogie's game partner and first allegiance, being the o­ne to strike down the "evil" doctor if she can?  Be sure to tune into Tuesday night's episode to find out, and check back Wednesday for the recap.  Big Brother: Busted will be coming early this week, so check back tomorrow for feed spoilers and the editorial/opinion piece that will have blood boiling and my inbox filled yet again!
Lin Sbordone owned her own technical writing firm in Florida for 5 years before taking up political journalism under a pseudonym.  Working as both a freelance journalist and an entertainment publicist, she now makes her home in the beautiful city of Toronto, o­ntario and encourages and welcomes comments at
[email protected]  All email will be responded to eventually...So feel free to sound of either directly or in our forums.  


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