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Brooke Knows Best 2: Episode 5 Recap

Posted on 07/05/2009 by Gina in Brooke Knows Best

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by Natasha Karaczan


On tonight’s episode of Brooke Knows Best, our girl Brooke is back in the recording studio. They managed to get Colby O’Donis to help her out and create a hip-hop feeling. The songs actually sound really good.  I love that Hulk was rolling his eyes at what a tool Colby is, while Brooke was drooling over him.


I felt like I was in high school watching the two love birds flirt. They are so into each other. It was hilarious when Brooke lost her bottoms while tubing. Colby was enjoying every second of the view. He even brought his guitar to serenade her. The problem is that he was singing higher than Brooke can.

I’m not sure if this guy is sincere or if he is just playing Brooke.  His dad freely said that ladies flock to him, and he doesn’t seem shy talking about his fame. On the other hand, they do have a lot in common. I really hope he isn’t using Brooke for her shows popularity.

Hulk is right for being so protective. He really does want Brooke to be careful and not rush into things. Brooke needed to hear that Colby was going on tour and the long distance thing may not work. Colby’s dad needs to stop saying that girls are in love with his son. It was making everyone uncomfortable and he is ruining his son’s game.

Brooke and Colby’s talk on the roof was kind of sad. They do want to be together but their schedules just won’t allow it. Colby was very open minded about them possibly being an item in the future though. Poor Brooke finally meets a guy she likes but can’t even date him.


Can’t get enough of the roommates? Watch Brooke Knows Best every Sunday night at 10pm only on VH1.


(Image courtesy of VH1)


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