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Jon & Kate Plus 8 Season 5: Episode 4 Recap

Posted on 06/08/2009 by Gina in Jon and Kate Plus 8

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Jon & Kate Plus 8


by Gina Scarpa


Jon and Kate Gosselin certainly have had their ups and downs in recent times but nothing brings a family together quite like the 100th episode of their hit television show complete with special guest Emeril Lagasse.  According to Kate, she met Emeril in an elevator a year ago and after taking a look at her kids, decided that he just had to come to their house to cook them a meal.  That’s her version of the story.  My version is more accurate: TLC paid him to show up.  Regardless, here’s there and ready to cook.  BAM!


I bet the minute that he got there, he wondered why he came.  The kids are all screaming because they don’t want to wash their hands but good ol’ Emeril reels them in and has them help prepare a green bean casserole.  Just when it seems he has won everyone over, Kate shoots him an attitude when he says he was planning on using crunchy onions on top.  Dammit Emeril, don’t you know that you need to use crunchy onions on top?!


If Jon thought that he was going to be safe from kitchen duty, he was wrong.  Emeril had him peeling garlic for a good four hours.  Kate’s not off the hook either - she’s chopping vegetables.  Wasn’t the point of him coming over to cook for them, not make them work for it?  These people have to feed 8 little mouths all the time! 


Jon’s pretty amused that Emeril has taken control of Kate’s kitchen and she’s not calling the shots.  I mean, let’s be real.  If Emeril Lagasse is in your kitchen, you listen… unless you’re Kate.  If you’re Kate, you tell him how you want your food and hit him when he doesn’t listen.  Emeril can’t help but mention that he has no idea how Jon made it through 100 episodes.  Jon’s response?  “Me either!”


The kids are so cute as they sit outside and pretend that they’re Emeril and cooking their own meal.  Cara and Mady stay behind to finish up the real food in the kitchen.  The meal is a success and all 10 Gosselins sit down to enjoy what they helped create with Emeril.  It was a nice, peaceful moment… remember it.  It won’t be long before the children are screaming and Jon and Kate’s body language on the couch make us all uncomfortable again!


Jon & Kate Plus 8 airs Monday nights at 9pm ET on TLC.


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