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Posted on 06/05/2009 by RealityWanted and General News

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RTVSE.com has launched a free online game that allows members to buy and sell shares of over a hundred Reality TV Contestants Representing a Growing List of Reality TV Shows.

The Reality TV Stock Exchange officially launched today, June 5th, 2009. The site promises to offer members a fun and interactive way to interact with other Reality TV Fans.  The creator of the system, Derek Barker, says on the website that he wanted to created a more quantitative method of determining who would win multiple reality TV Shows than current methods of voting.

The system gives all new members $10,000 in RTVSE currency.  The website is both free to join, and also free of advertising.  Members use funds to place buy orders for Contestants they feel have a good chance at winning, and can sell shares that they no longer with to keep.

The system uses a complex system of averages to match buyers and sellers, as well as to adjust market rates and saturation.

Future upgrades include chat and a Twitter style messaging system.  RTVSE hopes to have these upgrades launched sometime in July of 2009.

The websites creator, Derek Barker, is also interested in mutually beneficial partnerships with other Reality TV websites.

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If you would like more information about The Reality TV Stock Exchange (RTVSE.com), or would like to schedule an interview, please contact Derek Barker Directly.
Email: [email protected]
Tel: (802) 715-2015)


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