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The Hills Season 5: Episode 6 Recap

Posted on 05/04/2009 by Gina in The Hills

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by Natasha Karaczan


On this week’s episode of The Hills, the Brody and Audrina drama continues when Audrina shows up at a party Brody is having. Brody’s girlfriend Jayde gets really mad and confronts her. I’m not sure if Brody really told Jayde what happened because she seems to think Brody and Audrina only slept in the same bed. On last week’s episode both Brody and Audrina admit to sleeping together.  Brody needs to fess up to the whole truth, and stop playing Jayde for a fool.

Our weekly dose of Heidi and Spencer drama lands us back at the therapist’s office. Spencer is complaining that Heidi keeps going through his phone and looking at his texts messages, and Heidi says it is because she doesn’t trust him. I know I may regret saying this, but I’m actually siding with Spencer on this one. Heidi has no reason to go through his phone. It screams crazy and should be a sign that she can’t trust him.  If you can’t trust the person you are dating then you probably shouldn’t be dating them.

Later, Audrina throws another fit about Jayde to Stephanie and tries to justify her actions. Audrina says that Jayde is crazy and insecure, and Brody needs to dump her. Stephanie then, for once, tries to stop by telling Audrina they should not go to the club where Brody and Jayde are hanging out. Audrina doesn’t listen, and ends up getting yelled by Jayde again. Audrina storms off in tears because Brody doesn’t defend her.  Why should he though? He is not involved with Audrina, and I think he honestly just made a mistake. Audrina needs to respect the fact that Brody is not interested and loves Jayde. She cannot always get her way with men.

In the final few minutes of The Hills Lauren and Brody are at lunch, where Brody is filling her in on the drama that happened at the club. Lauren being the voice of reason explains that she thinks Brody should have told Jayde to calm down and not be so rude to Audrina. Brody explains that he is willing to sacrifice his friendship with Audrina, to mend his relationship with Jayde. I’m glad to see that Brody realizes what he has, and is really trying to fix things. Lauren was right though to bring up the fact that none of this would have ever happened if Brody would have turned down Audrina’s advances in the first place. She always has the best advice, and seems to be the only normal one on the show.


To watch more drama, check out The Hills Monday nights at 10pm only on MTV. (Image courtesy on MTV)

(Image courtesy of MTV)


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