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The Hills Season 5: Episode 5 Recap

Posted on 04/27/2009 by Gina in The Hills

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The Hills Season 5


by Natasha Karaczan


On this week’s episode of The Hills, the girls decide to surprise Brody and his friends in Hawaii during their “boy’s weekend.” At first the guys don’t seem so thrilled to see them, but the suggestion of shots quickly changes their mind. I was surprised to see that the girls brought Stephanie with them though. After everything she has put Lauren through, I would have thought she would be left behind. However it looks like Stephanie’s new target is Audrina. As soon as the plane lands she starts bothering Audrina about Justin and their relationship. Audrina successfully brushes her off until later that night when Stephanie asks Audrina in front of the entire group if she is single. If I were Audrina I would have told her to mind her own business and get her own life instead of always being involved in everyone else’s.


Back in L.A. Heidi tells Spencer that her ex boyfriend Colby is coming into town, and she agreed for her and Spencer to go to dinner with Colby and his girlfriend Ashley. Spencer, being rude as usual, starts grilling Colby and Ashley about their religious beliefs. Heidi should have stepped in and changed the subject, but instead she just sat there awkwardly. I felt so bad for Colby and Ashley as they tried to defend their beliefs while Spencer fired more probing questions about why they are remaining virgins.


The Hills drama finally heated up when Audrina admitted she had a crush on Brody while the group was sitting around having drinks. Brody surprised me when he said that he did think Audrina is hot, but he loves he girlfriend Jayde more and wants to draw the line with her at friendship.  It didn’t surprise me that Brody’s friends urged him to cheat. I don’t understand why they would push Brody to do that. It was completely wrong, and will only cause more drama for Brody in the long run. Being drunk, Brody’s good intention succumbed to his friends peer pressure and he and Audrina ended up spending the night together. 


The next morning the girls discover what happened and immediately start speculating about the details. When Audrina comes in the room she confirms that the pair slept in the same bed. Meanwhile, Brody admits to his friends that in fact he did cheat on Jayde.  I’m really disappointed with both of them. Audrina knew that Brody had a girlfriend and should have backed off.  How would she like it if some other girl seduced a guy she was seeing? Brody should have made sure that he explained to Audrina his situation, and never let her come into his room.

In the final few minutes, we see Heidi and Spencer out at lunch talking about Spencer vowing to change his ways. Apparently Colby rubbed off on him, and now he claims he is going to clean up his act. Heidi suggests he start by trying to get along with her mom and sister. Spencer in a condescending tone brushes her off once again. I was hoping that seeing how genuine and sincere Colby is would make her realize she deserves better then Spencer. Apparently it just made her think she could continue to try to change him. Heidi needs to realize that Spencer will never change. He will always push everyone she loves away because he wants to keep her isolated to himself.

To catch more drama, check out The Hills Monday nights at 10 only on MTV.


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