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I Love Money 2, Episode 12 recap, The Betrayed

Posted on 04/21/2009 by Jackie in I Love Money

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I Love Money 2

By Jackie Helm
The challenge of the day bit off the Flavor of Love episode where Flav hung from a boat during his date with New York.  Hence the title of the challenge, “Hang on Flav”.  The competitors became situated on a life preserver attached to a rope.  A crane then lifted the ropes high above water.  The first to fall was It’ who failed to fling a leg through the life preserver like everyone else.  This made It’ the dead last loser and automatically put him as 1 of 3 to be considered for elimination.  When Prancer dropped into the ocean, she became injured.  After a visit to the ER, it was determined that she had a contusion on her thighbone.  The last to fall was Saaphyri which gave her the authority that she would go on to abuse as “Paymaster”.
Being that It’ is Saaphyri’s “thang-thang” as she calls him, she does him the worst.  Then later does him the best.  A shot of the two in bed arguing ended with Saaphyri confirming that she and It’ would “do it” later.
Due to Saaphyri and Myammee’s long standing distaste for one another, I still can’t understand why Myammee kept Saaphyri the day before.  But it was too late, Saaphyri was gunning for Myammee to get the hell out!
Prancer, Ice and Myammee were giddy about their “Pretty Girl Alliance (PGA)” and the secret mission of getting their long standing alliance members Tailor Made and It’ eliminated.  They even revealed the PGA to Saaphyri and Frenchie.  This made for a dumb move because Saaphyri and Frenchie snitched on PGA to Tailor Made the first chance that they got.  Tailor Made was stunned by the betrayal and hid on the couch to eavesdrop to validate the blasphemy that he had learned.


Tailor Made from I Love Money 2

While in conversation with Saaphyri and Frenchie, Ice and Prancer spoke loud enough for Tailor Made to hear and confirmed their secret alliance against him.  Tailor Made popped his head up to reveal that he had heard everything.  He felt that he could now equally gun against his own alliance with good conscious.  Silly girls for trusting Saaphyri with secrets!
Due to Ice and Prancer getting caught red handed, they wound up having their checks placed into the Strong Box!  This meant they would be considered up for elimination along with It’.  Note that Myammee was able to fall through the cracks of elimination on this one due to her voting for Ice and Ice NOT voting for her!  What happened to PGA?
During the Power Outing with Saaphyri, It’ was able to chill as he knew he was safe.  Prancer played the “I Hate Myammee” card while Ice admitted that Myammee was her girl from day one.  Saaphyri spent the “one-on-one” time with Ice.  Ice desperately tried to save herself by saying that Prancer’s injury was fake and swearing to go after Tailor Made and Myammee.



I love Money 2

What is an elimination round without drama from the Paymaster.  Saaphyri held the “Void” stamp above It’s check as he approached her.  She asked him what he had to say.  He said that he was trying his hardest.  “What else?” she asked, “Don’t you love me?”  Yes, she went there!  It’ concurred that he loves Saaphyri.  Saaphyri continued, “How much?”  It’ stretched his arms wide open.  But that wasn’t good enough for Saaphyri.  Somehow, she made the man twirl around in a circle with his arms spread wide.  After making a sport of him, Saaphyri handed It’ his check.  Then after some blah blah blah, Saaphyri said that she wanted one less man in the house and eliminated Ice.  BTW, Ice has never objected to be called a man…?  Anyway, Prancer tearfully thanked Saaphyri for saving her.  Ice went on to give the remaining competitors in the house a hearty hug goodbye and finally showed emotion on camera when it sunk in…she had just lost the chance to win $250,000.


(Photos courtesy of Vh1)


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