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The Celebrity Apprentice: Episode 7 Recap

Posted on 04/12/2009 by David in The Celebrity Apprentice

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Celebrity Apprentice


By David McAlpine

Last week on Celebrity Apprentice 2, Trump used (and abused) his ultimate "I'm going to fire whoever I want" powers and kicked both former pop star Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins and E! regular Khloe Kardashian off the show. And I'm still a little bitter about Khloe.

So, when Natalie and Clint return to the suite and both Annie and Joan are upset, I feel slightly vindicated. Joan even tries to call Donald out on the bogus firing (since she doesn't want Clint there, either), but he shuts her down. Trump puts Brian on Athena, giving them a one-person advantage.

The task this week is to create an informational package and storefront display for Lifelock, that company with the guy who puts his social security number in their ads because they prevent identity theft. And yet they've been sued quite a few times because people have had their identities stolen. Slim pickings on the companies wanting the Apprentice endorsement, NBC?

Athena chooses Brian to be their project manager after Annie successfully leading a "subjective" task, while Natalie takes the lead of KOTU. Annie takes charge (what else is new?) of Athena's meeting with the executives, getting solid answers out of them.

Clint thinks of the idea of using a safe and sticks to it (again, what else is new?). Joan comes up with the idea of a bodyguard, but KOTU decides on the safe idea, which pisses off Joan more than she is already. Athena decides on using the CEO's image (since he's in the commercials) and tinker with it graphically.

Herschel and Clint go to KOTU's design shop to get their safe built, while Athena seems to be moving at their own pace, despite Annie thinking their time management is going very well. At least, until Annie takes initiative and realizes they're about to miss a deadline with their design team--then panic starts to set in. Jesse and Brande head to the shop while Melissa gets annoyed with Annie and Annie gets annoyed with Brian.

In the car, Jesse starts to feel progressively sicker until he makes their car pull over and throws up in a port-o-potty. Then a thumbs up at the camera. At least he's being a good sport about it. Meanwhile, Joan manages to finagle one of her ideas into Natalie's head and immediately calls Herschel and Clint to inform them of her good news. Clint starts to freak out (probably because Joan got her way), and Joan rolls her eyes, but they get the idea on paper.

Athena has e-mail issues, not being able to get their image from place to place. KOTU is hard at work and everything seems to be coming together. Brian, Melissa and Annie give up on trying to get the email themselves and get it sent to the printer, then head to the design shop. They find a very sick Jesse and a confused looking Brande, which Melissa is not happy about. Annie and Jesse discuss printing out their text at Kinko's, since it's better than nothing.

KOTU is satisfied with their display, but the graphic seems too small for anyone's taste. With some last minute tinkering, they're ready to go, and Joan is selected to be their spokesperson. Joan is less than happy with her performance, sad that she didn't get to crack any jokes. Oh Joan, you and your jokes. You were entertaining enough to make this episode worthwhile to watch, anyway. Brian is selected as Athena's presenter and does a solid job presenting their ideas.

In the board room, Natalie is confident her team won, while Brian is sure Athena got the victory. Brande separates herself from the work Jesse did, while the ever-observant Annie notes that splitting up the team was a bad idea.

Donald asks Brian if he thought he won, to which he responds yes. The Trump's response: "Well good for you, but the executives didn't think so." Sharp, to the point, and ball-busting. How appropriate for The Apprentice. So $20,000 goes to Natalie's charity, Boys and Girls of America.

The team gets blamed for not taking deadlines seriously, and Annie points the finger at Brian. Melissa gets blamed by George, too, for focusing on parts of the task that weren't the most important. Brande claims she gave her all, but Annie thinks otherwise. Ivanka notes that Annie has never volunteered to be Project Manager and wonders why she's being so critical of everyone else, and everyone else in the room goes silent. The poker player's secret is out--and no one knows what to say.

Brian takes Brande and Melissa back into the boardroom (which, admittedly, is probably the best move), which angers mama Joan. Joan releases herself on Annie for not defending Melissa more, effectively scaring everyone in the suite. Melissa makes a comment about Annie (bad move), but Brian says he's not Donald Trump, so he can't choose who he would fire (worse move). Brian's head ends up on the chopping block and he's sent home.

Everyone is called back into the boardroom where, twist time, the next task starts right then and there! The task: each team has to plan and execute a fashion show and charity auction around Ivanka's jewelry line. Just when I thought the endorsements were starting the dry up... Annie volunteers as the Project Manager for Athena and Joan takes the reins at KOTU, per recommendation of Donald.

Annie is out for blood, delegating tasks left and right. Right away, she is critical of Brande's choice of models. Not like Brande was ever a model or anything. Joan picks Clint to be the auctioneer and gets everyone on the phone to call in their contacts. Annie resorts to scare tactics, saying her choice on who to bring into the boardroom will be based on who raises the least amount of money.

KOTU decides they want the least expensive piece of jewelry so they can make the biggest profit. Natalie surprises Melissa, Athena's representative, with their strategy. Melissa, instead, picks the most expensive items, then returns to KOTU to see Annie and Brande being BFFs. Natalie doesn't live up to Joan's standards, who calls her items unauctionable.

With both teams in solid shape, it's clear it's a money game at this point. Natalie starts calling in Annie's poker rivals, then goes with Joan to pick the clothes, leaving Clint and Herschel to pick out the models. More awkward than preteens in a strip club, they fail miserably at flirting and can't seem to pick models. On Athena, Melissa is brooding over Annie and Brande, scoffing at their closeness.

Athena's deadline starts to near as they can't decide who needs to wear what, especially Brande. Annie is chugging through all the prep work while Natalie is determined to get one of Annie's poker frenemies.

Flash to Donald, talking to someone. The Trump wants a new set of eyes on the task, especially with Joan and Annie at each other's throats. Anticipation stirs, the camera moves and just like that, Trump's helper is revealed: last season's Celebrity Apprentice, Piers Morgan! Fade to black, and the task is to be continued.

Celebrity Apprentice 2 airs Sundays at 9/8c on NBC.

(Image courtesy of NBC)


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