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Dancing With The Stars Season 8 Episode 8 Recap - Viennese Waltz And Pasa Doble Dances Of The Night

Posted on 04/06/2009 by Mary in Dancing with the Stars

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Dancing with The Stars

By Mary Cavaliere


After the elimination of two couples last week we are down to nine couples in the competition. Here are my thoughts on tonight’s performances:


Chuck & Julianne performed the Viennese Waltz. Julianne’s dancing kicks you know what and so does her choreography.  In addition to that she is a great teacher.  I saw Chuck lose a little half way through the dance as well but “irritating” Carrianne?   What was she thinking?  I agreed with Bruno and Len’s assessment of an 8.  Judges Combined Score = 23


Lawrence & Edyta performed the Pasa Doble which is one of my favorite dances on this show.  It was really awkward and again a lot of Edyta and very little of Lawrence other than him  walking around a lot beside her.  I agree with Carianne’s assessment of a 6.  Judges Combined Score = 20


Shawn & Mark performed the Viennese Waltz.  It was hard to tell who was the dance pro and who was the star.  I knew Carrianne would say something about the lift, but it was stunning nonetheless.  I agreed with Bruno and Carrianne’s assessment of a 9.  Judges Combined Score = 26


Melissa & Tony performed the Pasa Doble.  Could Melissa have looked any more beautiful?  I thought it was a great dance as usual, and I didn’t see the blunders the judges spoke of other than that she smiled once in the middle of it.  I agree with Bruno’s assessment of a 9.  Judges Combined Score = 25


David & Kym performed the Viennese Waltz.  I thought the jazzy music was a bit odd for this type of waltz and found it distracting.  The routine also seemed really short to me, but I agreed with Len’s assessment of an 8.  Judges Combined Score = 22


Gilles & Cheryl danced the Pasa Doble and I knew Gilles would not disappoint.  The only way for my other favorite (Melissa) would be able to beat this performance is if she takes her shirt off too!  The crowd went nuts and it was understandable.  But “hectic” Len?  What was HE thinking?  I agree with Bruno and Carrianne’s assessment of a 10!  Judges Combined Score = 29


Steve-O & Lacey danced the Viennese Waltz.  I loved the choreography and agree with Len.  It was definitely Steve’s best performance to date.  But will it be enough to keep him here another week?  I doubt it, but I do believe he deserved a 7, which is more than what the judges were willing to give him.  Judges Combined Score = 18


Ty & Chelsie danced the Pasa Doble.  I thought it was just as awkward as Lawrence’s version.  Robotic was a good way to describe it Bruno.  I’m sorry but I thought the judges gave him a higher score than he deserved.  I would have given him no more than a 5.  Judges Combined Score = 21


Lil’ Kim & Derek danced the Viennese Waltz.  It was lovely but again, it would be much more enjoyable if she wasn’t dancing with her mouth open all the time.  It’s very distracting and takes away from the overall beauty of the performance.  I agreed with two of the judges giving her an 8.  Judges Combined Score = 26


At the top of the leader board is Gilles & Cheryl (29), Lil’ Kim & Derek (26), and Shawn & Mark (26).  The couples at risk are:  Steve & Lacey (18), Lawrence & Edyta (20), and Ty & Chelsie (21).  My favorites are still Melissa & Tony and Gilles & Cheryl, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.


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(Photo Courtesy of ABC)


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