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The Celebrity Apprentice: Episode 5 Recap

Posted on 03/29/2009 by David in The Celebrity Apprentice

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The Celebrity Apprentice


By David McAlpine

Previously on The Celebrity Apprentice, Dennis Rodman threw another tantrum and left the task, Melissa was "personally attacked" (or something like it), Brian McKnight led KOTU to their first win and Claudia Jordan was the fourth celebrity sent home.

The women wait for the results of the boardroom in their suite, many of them confident that Melissa will be returning. Melissa and Khloe walk through the door to be met by their team...and more of Melissa complaining about how personal Claudia got.

Then, the added dose of reality and feel-good moment of the next two hours: the check presentation. Brian sits down with the co-chairs and founders of his charity, Youthville USA. He gives them a check for $20,000, which they seemed surprisingly underwhelmed about.

Back to the competition, Trump and his cronies meet Athena and KOTU in front of Trump International Hotel and Towers, only to break the bad news that Khloe won't be joining the women for that day. Their task this week: each team has to run five rooms at the Loews Regency Hotel in New York. Yes, that means actually running it, from cleaning the rooms to taking care of the guests. Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins (you know, the T in TLC) and Dennis Rodman are selected as the project managers, to which Trump has a mixed reaction. He tells Dennis his spot in the game is on the line with this task, so he'd better perform well. Yeah, right.

Joan steps up to be concierge for Athena because of her knowledge of New York, while Brian steps up for KOTU, with Dennis as a "front man" (whatever that means). The celebrities then learn how to prepare the rooms by the maids and are told each "job" (maid service, check in, bellman, room service, concierge and check out) are given 30 minutes.

On KOTU, Dennis tries to take control, but Brian takes over, planning gift baskets and chauffeurs for their guests and Jesse and Herschel take the cleaning jobs. So, Dennis just ends up starting on his daily quota of vodka cranberries. On Athena, Tionne has a grasp on the women, efficiently delegating tasks (much to everyone's surprise). Annie is put in charge of room service and as bellwoman, while Natalie is put in the kitchen and Brande and Melissa are given housekeeping duty.

Dennis decides to get Ferraris put out in front of the hotel, which Brian finds to be impractical because they aren't doing anything for the guests, angering Dennis. His temper tantrum follows and he threatens to quit as leader.

So, ever wonder what happens when you make celebrities dress up as maids and make them clean hotel rooms? Hilarity ensues! Brande is unhappy about picking up other people's hair, while Melissa complains about having only Annie to help her clean the room. Melissa and Annie stumble upon a red stain, causing more complaining on Melissa's part. Jesse and Herschel complain less, even while Jesse picks hair (and no, not from the head) out of the toilet.

Natalie scores gift baskets thanks to her sponsors, while Dennis shows America that he doesn't know how to tie a tie. After getting help from Brian, Dennis makes some confusing decisions about where to put cookies for guests, then realizes the men left a guest waiting, alone, at the check-in desk.

 Joan, in the meantime, is on top of her guests and loving every minute of it. Clint checks the guest in while Dennis tries to make small talk. Dennis asks the guest if he wants a drink and he wants champagne. Dennis says he can make it happen even though they don't have champagne available -- strike one. Dennis then asks the guest where he's from, which turns out to be Vancouver. Dennis' favorite place there? The strip clubs, of course! Strike two. The guest then asks for Billy Elliot tickets (on Broadway), and Dennis says they can get concert tickets no problem. Strike three! As if they weren't off to a bad start, KOTU's next guest asks for reservations at the Waverly Inn, where reservations are usually made a year in advance. Brian's answer: they'll make it happen. Really?

One of Athena's guests, Stephen Baldwin, checks in, much to the attention of Joan Rivers. KOTU's celebrity guest, Vinny Pastore ("The Sopranos"), checks in shortly after. Stephen calls Joan from his room complaining about the view (since he can't see Park Avenue), to which Joan bluntly, but politely, tells him he can see Park Avenue any day and that they wanted to give him privacy. The men continue to trip over themselves, delivering wine to a guest's room 75 minutes late.

Joan continues to outshine everyone as a concierge, making every request happen or, at least make everyone happy with what she can get them. Dennis tries to make a pass at Ivanka (after which you can see a small twinge of disgust behind her "professional face"), and Brian is busy being a miserable concierge. Athena hits their first roadblock as one of the guests has a party in their room and orders room service for everyone, frazzling Natalie.

Dennis starts to take more control, hand delivering a bottle of chardonnay to one guest's room, then getting the dinner reservations Brian couldn't get for another guest and hopping in a car to go have dinner with them. Tionne and Brande work on doing turn down service and leave Natalie's gift baskets in each room.

Natalie trades out with Annie, who is much more well received by the party. Annie continues to successfully work the party while Brian and Clint manage to get all their requests met except one. Joan makes her first mistake, forgetting to tell Stephen Baldwin about a $400 cover charge for the cabaret. To make it up to him, she tries to get the fee covered. Dennis hits a breaking point when he comes back from dinner, drunk, and starts swearing at the guests. He then puts cookies out for guests on the concierge desk, then changes (in the middle of the hall) and leaves.

The next morning, Khloe is back! She tries to do her part in the kitchen, but seems not to be cut out for her duties. The women struggle to keep up with their complimentary breakfast, while the men have little to no work to do because the guests aren't calling in for anything. Clint and Dennis take the time to have a heart to heart, where Clint tells Dennis he'll actually miss him if he leaves.

Khloe messes up a delivery time for breakfast (by 40 minutes) and Joan leaves out notifications about more extra service fees, angering the guests. Everyone checks out and rates their respective team's staff. Two of Athena's guests were not too satisfied with their experience, while Dennis' dinner guests the previous night were happy with their "different" dining experience.

In the boardroom, Tionne is happy with how her team performed. The women's guests were overall very happy with their service, but didn't like Natalie's attitude and that they weren't notified of extra fees. The men mostly get positive comments as well.

Dennis then gets confronted about his drinking, which Jesse has no problem explaining in detail (and creating an awkward feeling of discomfort in the room). Jesse reveals he had a drinking problem years ago, then compares Herschel and Dennis as evidence of Dennis' problem. Herschel and Clint agree, saying Dennis should be fired if they lose.

Dennis starts to defend himself, but Trump cuts him off to reveal the scores: the men get an 86/100, while the women score a 91. Tionne is thrilled and Trump has enough, firing Dennis immediately. Dennis makes his exit (as classy as ever) by saying everyone was threatened by him, then storms out.

The Celebrity Apprentice airs Sundays at 9/8c on NBC.

(Image courtesy of NBC)


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