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Top Chef 5 Reunion Recap

Posted on 03/05/2009 by RealityWanted in Top Chef

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By Arthur Perkins
Andy Cohen of BRAVO hosted the fifth Top Chef Reunion. All 17 of the chefs appeared to be present plus all four permanent judges. The most important purpose of the show is to set up the award of $10,000 to the FAN FAVORITE, but they also want to present the human side of these chefs to set up top Chef 6. I think everyone except Carla and Fabio can forget that prize and Fabio has the ladies behind him. A majority of Top Chef watchers are female.   Andy is presenting fan questions plus a few of his own and showing excerpts that demonstrate a particular point. Stefan is presented as a possible FAVORITE candidate by Andy. However, that's a red herring because I think Stefan would be the easy winner of LEAST FAVORITE.
Carla was mocked for her use of the phrase HOOTIE, which she uses when her husband is missing. If he hears it, he will answer WHO. Carla used this occasionally on the show. Carla also talked about how her food had lots of heart and love in it. I just cringe when I hear this.
 Andy next asked who is surprised Hosea won. Stefan says that he is happy that Hoses won and he didn't. Given Stefan's competitive nature, I consider that to be misdirection because Stefan really wanted to win.
The judge were asked what was the deciding factor in the FINALE judging? Tom says that it was Hosea's steadiness. Toby says that Hosea cooked better than Carla and Stefan that day.
Jaime made the statement that Stefan cannot stand being away from Fabio for more than 10 minutes. Doubtless it was the head rubs that Fabio gave him, which were illustrated with some footage.
Fabio was asked once again to explain his accident. He said the floor was wet and he was going fast around a corner. Andy has a gift for Fabio and it's an "I LIVE FABIO" Tee shirt.
There was a Top Chef 5 Birthday Curse that nobody has really heard of. Four chefs were eliminated on or near their birthday: Danny, Eugene, Radhika, Leah.
Toby's "weapons of mass destruction" comment about Radhika's soup was highlighted. Fabio went and massaged Toby's bald spot in solidarity.
There was a segment on some of the previously not shown activities in the "Stew room" including volleyball, basketball and innovative uses of GLAD bags.
The romance of Leah and Hosea just had to be shown here. It resulted from Leah drinking too much. The impact of it caused both the partners of Leah and Hosea to break up with them. Hosea stated the only way he and Leah would be together was in the same city. Leah made it clear on camera that she's not moving form the New York metro area. Hosea is plenty busy with various business propositions in Colorado. He said he regretted the incident. Fabio's comment put it into perspective: "Hosea got Leah; I got Stefan."
Jeff was not shown with his shirt off, but apparently that was common in the morning during the taping of the episodes. Jeff was also roasted for the complexity of his dishes. Jaime said that in one blind judging contest it was obvious which dish was Jeff's because it was twice as busy as any other plate.
Stefan was shown in a segment with guest chef Andrea where he asks her to call him.
The "attack of the baldies" was emphasized with Toby and Toby from the judges and Eugene, Hosea, Stefan and Patrick from the chefs.
At the end there is a $10,000 check for Fabio, who was voted Fan FAVORITE.

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