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American Idol Final Auditions In Jacksonville - Salt Lake City – New York and Puerto Rico

Posted on 01/29/2009 by RealityWanted in American Idol

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American Idol 8

By Mary Cavaliere

Monday night’s show focused on contestants from Jacksonville, Florida.  Honestly there was very little talent (that we saw as the audience) coming out of this city.  If I had to pick two favorites they are D.K. Hash who sang Imagine and who is auditioning for the second year in a row along with Anne Marie Boskovich who the judges sent out to find herself because she was falling over Kara too much.  

I was really ticked the judges did not put through Michael Perrelli. I really liked him.  Did he have a voice like Clay Aiken?  No.  But he was better than the bikini bimbo they put through on the first round of auditions, so if she was good enough, this young man certainly was as well.  I wanted to hear more and was disappointed I won’t be given that opportunity.

Tuesday night’s show focused on contestants from Salt Lake City, Utah, home of last year’s runner-up, David Archuletta.  Unfortunately I can’t say they found anyone as good as David, but we don’t always see everyone they put through which I find to be very disappointing about this phase of the show.

My favorites were David Osmond, son of Allan Osmond of THE Osmonds, Frankie Jordon who sounded a lot like Amy Winehouse, and Taylor Vaifanua who came to the U.S. to follow her dream of a career in music.

The one I really didn’t get was Megan Corkrey, the divorced Mom who the judges unanimously put through.  She was different, yes, but when she sang I just cringed, so I’m not sure what the judges heard that I didn’t hear.  Simon said she was one of the best he’d heard and that just befuddled me.

Now……as for Tara Mathews….I’m not sure what was worse, her singing or the garters on her size 18 thighs.  Was that her mother with her supporting her?   WHAT ARE THESE PARENTS THINKING?  I know they say the contestants are delusional but any parent that brings their child to an audition when they can’t sing in the first place, compounded by the contestant being dressed in a totally inappropriate way for their body type, should pay a parental fine or something!

Wednesday night they said they left the best for last.  Well, I’m not sure who they were referring to because I had a hard time even coming up with two favorites.  But Jorge Nunez from Puerto Rico was at the top of my list as was Melinda Camille from my birth state (Connecticut).  But that’s not the reason she’s at the top of my list.  I loved her look, her voice, and her attitude.  She’s a beacon of light in a very dark world and something we all could use a little of in our life.  She wants to sing to uplift humanity, and I believe her spiritual mission has truly begun.

Well we’re finally at the end of the city auditions (thank God).  Next week is Hollywood week, better known as HELL week to the contestants!

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