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Recap of Amazing Race Episode 6

Posted on 11/03/2008 by RealityWanted in The Amazing Race

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Amazing Race 13

Recap of Amazing Race Episode 6

By Arthur Perkins
Teams started from Siem Reap and were released from the Bayon temple after a 12 hour pitstop at:
Nick/Starr 1122pm
Toni/Dallas 1134pm
Ken/Tina 1153pm
Kelly/Christy 1159pm
Terence/Sarah 1205am
Andrew/Dan 1229am
Of course all of the time differences and relative positions shown above are totally wiped out as teams get to a travel agency (it looks like all teams used the only one open in the middle of the night) and are booked on the same flights to Delhi, India. The first is an in-the-daylight  flight on Bangkok Airways to Bangkok, connecting to a flight to Delhi form there. The time of arrival in Delhi is 415pm. It was May 6, so sunset was at 700pm and sunrise the next day was 536am. By the time teams got through customs, in a taxi, and across town in very heavy rush hour traffic commensurate with a combined population of 13.8 million for Old Delhi and New Delhi, it was after dark. In addition to the huge supply of cars on the road, there were honking horns that are typical of all of India and cows allowed to wander wherever they choose; the median strip in motorways and the sides of the road appear to have many cows. The first clue sends teams to Moonlight Motors in the India AutoMall complex. They encounter a Roadblock there, with one team member chosen for "Who's got an artistic flair?" has to tape newspaper to cover the non-black painted sections of an auto-rickshaw so they will not be painted over when that individual uses a spray gun to paint the black green. It should be noted that Ken/Tina in particular had a difficult time finding the location of this business. The usual "tax driver roulette" prevailed and those teams which had a competent and knowledgeable taxi driver did well.
The first team to complete this task was Dan/Andrew, with Nick/Starr right behind them, followed by Toni/Dallas, Ken/Tina, Kelly/Christy and Terence/Sarah in last place. It was during this roadblock that the stress in the Terence/Sarah relationship was so thick that you could cut it with a knife. Sarah was putting them in last place and Terence was understandably critical, but Sarah insisted that he confine his comments to only positive ones. He did that but he was upset in a big way over that. The difficulty of navigating with a well-meaning but not knowledgeable taxi driver was also putting great strain on Ken/Tina.
The next clue sent teams to the Ambassador Hotel to pick up another clue. This was a DETOUR which sent them to either Launder Money (obtain at Prakash Banquet Hall by exchange with locals exactly 780 rupees from ten pieces of currency combined, then use them to modify an intricate necklace and finally find the groom at a major wedding full of dancing locals to get their next clue) or Launder clothes (use a traditional Indian iron heated by charcoal inside to press 20 items of clothing to receive their next clue). Nick/Starr, Toni/Dallas, Dan/Andrew and Kelly/Christy all chose Launder Clothes, as it was more or less predictable depending on a team's efficiency. Ken/Tina and Terence/Sarah both chose Launder Money. Launder Clothes worked out as planned. Nick/Starr finished first and got their clue to the pitstop at Bahai House. Kelly/Christy (no favorites of mine) worked very hard and efficiently to move into second place. Toni/Dallas got it done next. Then Terence/Sarah made a great progress after getting the money exchange from locals. For those who are interested in would take one 500 note, two one hundred notes, one twenty, and six tens to reach 780 exactly. They fought their way through throngs of revelers and finally located the groom at the far end of a large room. Ken/Tina were behind in accomplishing the same steps. Terence/Sarah came in 4th and the major problems that Dan/Andrew had with the ironing caused them to be in 5th. Ken/Tina departed last.
The pitstop finish precisely mirrored when teams departed from the DETOUR. the finish order was:
1. Nick/Starr who won an electric vehicle each (not clear how large)
2. Kelly/Christy
3. Toni/Dallas
4. Terence/Sarah
5. Andrew/Dan
6. Ken/Tina, who were given a Non-Elimination to save them, but will have an extra Speed Bump tasks that no other team will have
The previews show that the race definitely stays in India for the next leg. CBS's Amazing Map has indicated that the second leg in India will also be in New or Old Delhi. The solid teams appear to be Nick/Starr and Toni/Dallas at this point. Each of the other teams has demonstrated major flaws that prevent them from getting consistent performance.


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