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Dancing With The Stars Recap October 13th 2008

Posted on 10/13/2008 by RealityWanted in Dancing with the Stars

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Dancing with the Stars

By: Mary Cavaliere

Tonight was sort of a continuation of last week.  Since there was no elimination last week due to Misty’s injury departure, all of the scores awarded last week are being combined with this week’s scores with both the judges and with the viewers.

This week’s dances were the samba and the tango. Here’s my comments on each of the dances and the judges combined score for this week, as well as for both weeks, along with my individual rating for this week’s performance:

Maurice & Cheryl did the samba.  The judges tore it apart technically but I just loved it!  Judges Score = 20 ~ My Score = 9 ~ Combined Score for both weeks = 44/60

Cody & Julianne did the tango. Again, I wasn’t in love with the choreography, and I thought the judges were going to slam them because of all the tripping that we witnessed, but Carrie Ann clarified it was not really a dancing issue but more of a wardrobe issue.  The judges seemed to really love it. Judges Score = 23 ~ My Score = 8 ~ Combined Score for both weeks = 44/60

Toni & Alec did the samba.  The judges gave Toni a lot more praise than I would of. I thought she looked awkward most of the time and technique was weak.  Yes, she looked gorgeous, but I thought it was her weakest performance yet.  Judges Score = 22 ~ My Score = 7 ~ Combined Score for both weeks = 44/60

Cloris & Corky did the tango and much to my surprise, it was absolutely lovely.  The judges seemed to like it as well.  Cloris wanted to lock in remaining in the competition, and she just may have secured a place for next week!  Judges Score = 22 ~ My Score = 8 ~ Combined Score for both weeks = 38/60

Rocco & Karina did the samba.  Because I don’t want to see Rocco leave, I was disappointed that he did so poorly on this dance.  It was awkward and unpleasant to watch, so I’m preparing myself for Rocco’s departure tomorrow night. Judges Score = 18 ~ My Score = 5 ~ Combined Score for both weeks = 38/60

Susan & Tony did the tango.  I can’t say I agreed with the judges on this one.  I thought Susan brought the drama and passion with her face, but I just didn’t feel it in her body.  She had all the steps down but I felt they needed to be sharper and more precise. Judges Score = 24 ~ My Score = 7 ~ Combined Score for both weeks = 45 / 60

Brooke & Derek did the samba and as usual, these two rocked it.  Derek’s sister Julianne and her dance partner Cody were on the Ellen DeGeneres show today, and Julianne said that Brooke & Derek were their biggest competition and I have to agree.  Brooke will probably make it to the very end of this competition.  Judges Score = 26 ~ My Score = 9 ~ Combined Score for both weeks = 54/60.

Lance & Lacey did the tango.  I didn’t get to enjoy the dance because I was too worried that Lacey was doing most of the dancing and the judges would rip Lance apart during the judging, but much to my surprise they actually praised him tonight! Judges Score = 26 ~ My Score = 8 ~ Combined Score for both weeks = 48/60

Warren & Kym did the samba and like the judges, I thought it fell short for week four.  Warren has the steps down and he’s got the energy, but the footwork needs to be more precise and sharp at this point in the competition.  Judges Score = 22 ~ My Score = 7 ~ Combined Score for both weeks = 47/60

The top two couples not only for this week but also with the combined scores for both weeks were Brooke & Derek and Lance & Lacey.  At risk for tomorrow night’s elimination based on lowest scores for this week as well as the combined score for both weeks are once again Cloris & Corky and Rocco & Karina.

Next week Dancing With The Stars will be featuring four dances instead of two (the Jitterbug, the West Coast Swing, the Hustle, and the Salsa).  I can’t wait!

You can read more of Mary’s television blogs at www.myspace.com/italiangirl57

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