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Big Brother 10 Episode 12 -The Game Changes on Day 31

Posted on 08/09/2008 by RealityWanted in Big Brother

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Big Brother 10 Episode 12 -The Game Changes on Day 31


Words by Nikki Maria


It's eviction day! Jessie and Memphis are on the chopping block. But April promised Jessie that he is safe from eviction - and believes that her alliance will vote to send Memphis home per her wish. However, Keesha and Libra would like to send Jessie packing, because if he remains in the house, he'll go after the both of them for sure. Meanwhile, Memphis says that there is no more alliance, and it's time for him to start from square one again. So if Memphis stays in the house, who will he join forces with? Will he continue his pursuit to form an alliance with Keesha?


The Plot Thickens - Keesha and Libra plot to get Jessie out of the house, which goes completely against April's plan. The two girls need Dan and Renny's vote to make it four (4) to evict Jessie. And like Libra says, "It's going to be World War III" if this plan goes accordingly, because April is going to raise the roof! And Michelle ... she's going to be highly pissed off if her best friend, Jessie, goes home. So operation "get Jessie out of the house" is in full affect.  


Hawaii Over Family? The houseguests have been in the house for 31 days ... who wouldn't want contact from the outside world, like family? Um ... Libra! So Julie C. asks her (Libra) why she would choose the Hawaii trip over getting the chance to speak with her family. Libra responds that her children are is good hands. And besides, her husband would kill her if she didn't take the trip. Of course Michelle is rolling her eyes while Libra is responding to Julie's question.  


April Feels Disrespected - Julie spoke with the outgoing HOH, April, in privacy. April told Julie that she felt disrespected because she hasn't had the support of her team, especially being that she fought to win the HOH for their alliance. She says that she could have easily fallen off the building ledge and let Michelle win, resulting in Keesha and Libra potentially being put up on the block.  


The Live Votes - Michelle / Memphis; Ollie / Memphis; Jerry / Memphis; Libra / Jessie;  Keesha / Jessie; Renny / Jessie; Dan / Jessie (America's Vote)


It's official. By a vote of 4 to 3, Jessie is evicted from the Big Brother House. OMG! Jessie was completely shocked. He really thought he was staying, and so did I! Michelle gives Memphis a CONGRATS hug, but totally ignores everyone else. Seriously, Michelle is a ticking time bomb; she's going to blow any day now. Anyways, Keesha and Libra's plan worked, but will it backfire?


It's HOH Time! The houseguests play a game of "True or False;" however, Michelle played the game better. Yep! Michelle won HOH! The Portuguese Diva from Providence, Rhode Island claims the most powerful position in the house. So it's on like King Kong, because her game-play WILL BE vengeful. As she put the HOH key around her neck, she screams out, "This is for Jessie!"


Who will Michelle nominate for eviction?


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