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Big Brother 10 Episode 7 Recap – Keesha Changes the Game

Posted on 07/29/2008 by RealityWanted in Big Brother

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 Big Brother 10

Big Brother 10 Episode 7 - Keesha Changes the Game


Words by Nikki Maria


Keesha's in control of the game and has the power to nominate two houseguests for eviction.  So who will she put up on the chopping block? In the diary room, Keesha expressed that if everyone didn't vote for Steven, that they would have gone after her. Regardless, she's still pretty bummed about Steven leaving, as that was her best buddy in the house. But in the end, she had to do what she had to do for game-sake.


The houseguests go up to Keesha's HOH room to support her awesome (and jaw-dropping) win. She showed everyone pictures of her mom and dad, and her puppy that she clearly misses dearly. But when she spotted a letter from her parents she started to get teary-eyed. The houseguests left Keesha's room so that she can read the letter in private. But Keesha wanted Renny to stay with her. Now that Steven's gone, Renny is the only person in the house that Keesha feels comfortable speaking with, and could also trust. Keesha began to read the letter and started to cry; Renny consoled her. Judging from Keesha's emotional response to the letter, it is evident that she is very close with her family.  


Keesha's Making Strategic Moves - Keesha decided to change things up a bit, with a mission to break up alliances that have been dominating the game (i.e. the "Jessie Alliance"). Furthermore, and to simply put it, she wants Angie out of the house. And she tells Libra, April and Ollie about her plans to do so.  But when Keesha pulls Memphis into the conversation and gives him a heads up that Angie will be going up for eviction, he is clearly annoyed and tells Keesha that Angie is not "gunning for her." After Keesha specifically told Memphis not to say anything to others outside of the room ... what does he do? He opens up his mouth and gives Jessie and Michelle all the details of the conversation. If Angie is evicted, this will mess with the Jessie-Memphis-Michelle-Angie alliance.  


Danny boy is staying true to his "weak-player" persona - not getting in anyone's way - and removing himself from all drama-related conversations in the house. However, Keesha acknowledges that she has never actually had conversation with Dan, so they spoke for a bit. Dan informs Keesha that he does not have an alliance with anyone. And it's no surprised that he brought up (once again!) the fact that he was loyal to Brian, which hurt his game, resulting in him having a hard time trusting anyone. They didn't exchange promises, but I think Keesha just wanted to know where Dan stands in the game.  


Keesha chatted with Libra to discuss the tension between them. Keesha wanted to understand why Libra had so many doubts about her. Libra replies, "I was more so trying to break up the bond between you and Steven." Keesha appeared receptive to what Libra was saying, but once again, no promised were exchanged. I must admit ... I'm pretty impressed how Keesha is playing the game thus far. She's being open and honest, and chatting with each houseguest to see where they stand without making any promises. But I noticed that she never made her way over to speak with Michelle, and of course, Angie. I can understand the Angie part, but Michelle? What's up with that?


What's the Deal with April? April has obviously connected with Ollie on a deeper, showmance-like level. And like Ollie, she's playing a really quiet game. I believe that no one really knows how they're playing the game. I guess it's possible that their strategy is to go along with the majority. However, they can only keep that up for so long.


It's funny ... prior to Keesha winning the HOH, April never really interacted with her. Now she's all smiles and giggles with Keesha. But Keesha's no fool; she takes the opportunity to ask April to give her opinion on which houseguest she should put up next to Angie for eviction. Thereafter, "Memphis" came out of April's mouth. April goes on to remind Keesha that he has already won a car that's worth $50,000, which is equivalent to a runner up status. So if Memphis won second place, then that's about $100,000 dollars that he will receive from BB 10. Um ... I'm not sure where she was going with that one.


Jessie Being Jessie! Keesha mentioned privately to Jessie that Angie is going up on the block. So what does Jessie try to do? He tries to convince her to put up Libra and Dan - and reminds Keesha that Libra is the biggest threat - that she stirs up trouble in the house. Moreover, Jessie brought up the Dan-Brian alliance. Blah, blah, blah ... You know, Jessie had the perfect opportunity to talk real strategy with Keesha and he blew it. Instead, he brought up petty things that are irrelevant to long term game-play. C'mon, I don't think Keesha forgot how frustrated she was with Libra; she didn't need Jessie dwelling on the issue.


Nomination Ceremony - Ultimately, Keesha made a decision that would definitely change the game. The next two houseguests nominated for eviction is Angie and Jessie. Yes, you read right! J-E-S-S-I-E! Angie was nominated because when the whole "Brian thing" went down, Keesha felt as if Angie turned her back and slid under the radar. And besides the fact that Jessie was responsible for getting her friend Steven evicted, she tells him that he's a huge threat. But in the diary room, Keesha said that Jessie is annoyingly arrogant. Wow! Did that come back to bite Jess in the "you know what" - or what!


The game is getting interesting folks. Who will win the Power of Veto? Come back soon to find out.


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