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Comfort Goes Home For The Second Time On So You Think You Can Dance

Posted on 07/25/2008 by RealityWanted in So You Think You Can Dance

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By: Mary Cavaliere

I loved the opening hip-hop number, costuming and all.  And then Princess Deeley entered dressed in Greek Goddess white!

Nigel made an announcement about www.declareyourself.com and how important it is to vote in the Presidential election this year.  Right on Nigel!!!

Tonight’s entertainment was Aubrey Morgan and Eddie Turva from the Los Angeles Ballet (pardon me if I spelled your names wrong).  It was a magnificent performance to watch.  If that wasn’t enjoyable enough, L.L. Cool J performed as well.  I don’t listen to wrap or hip-hop music.  But how could any woman in her right mind not enjoy watching this guy he is so darn hot!

The bottom two girls were (again no big surprise) Comfort and another one of my favorites, Courtney.  Mark managed to escape the bottom two guys which shocked everyone including Mark.  This time around it was Will and Twitch.  No matter which one was chosen, it was going to be a big loss for the show.  I don’t vote so I guess I can’t condemn those that do, but what are those young people who are voting thinking?????  

I expected Comfort to be the one to go home and if it had been Courtney I would have really been frustrated.  Congratulations Courtney that you get to stay another week.  Your solo tonight was absolutely brilliant!  As for Will leaving, it was really disappointing for me.  I thought for sure if he didn’t win he’d be in the final four at the very least.   I love Twitch as well but if I had to choose between just the two of them, I would have voted for Will to remain because of his brilliant technique and versatility.

The finale is only two weeks away.  Here are your remaining six performers:   COURTNEY, CHELSIE, KATEE, JOSHUA, TWITCH, and MARK.

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