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America Votes For The First Time On Last Comic Standing

Posted on 07/25/2008 by RealityWanted in Last Comic Standing

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By: Mary Cavaliere

Tonight is the first night that judges don’t decide who makes it through to the next round.  America decides.  Here’s the final eight that competed tonight:

•    RON G.

All of the guys got together to try and strategize on how to handle Eliza during the competition.  I was a little disappointed they all felt so threatened.  I don’t see her as a threat against Marcus, Louis, or Jeff, but evidently they see it differently.

The first challenge was held at a Japanese restaurant where the comics had to prepare food and make jokes to an odd audience.   I say odd because it consisted of female bodybuilders, the Deal or No Deal models, fraternity brothers, and “little” people.  It was the strangest thing to watch and I didn’t see any point to it at all.  Filler for the two-hour show I guess.

When the comics returned to the house they found bra cutlets on their pillows.  Fake breasts = Playboy Bunnies!   The guys went nuts of course when they realized where they were going.  My heart went out to Eliza.  It must have been really uncomfortable for her there because we all know how stupid men act around women who look like those girls do.  Hopefully it was worth her while and it will provide her with some new material!!!

The challenge was that each playmate turned over a book cover with a title.  Each comic had to use one of the titles of those books to write / tell a bed-time story to Holly, Bridget, and Kendra, the Girls Next Door (for those of you who don’t know who they are – they are Hugh Heffner’s three girlfriends that live with him).   The playmates would decide who would win immunity.  Here’s how the comics faired:

Ron ~ Jack And The Bean Stalker – The girls thought he was funny (and cute) but I didn’t.  It was obvious his penis was doing the thinking on this one, not his brain (1 star).

Adam ~ I’m The Same Age As My New Mommy - He bombed with both the girls and me.  It was obvious by his story that the overwhelming amount of “breasts” in the house affected his brain as well (1 star).
Eliza ~ The Pirate, The T-Rex, And Grandma - The girls seemed to like her.  So far I was not impressed with anyone’s bed-time story (1 star).

Louis ~ The Princess Who Had To Pee – Louis wrote the best story.  It seemed effortless and there were no awkward parts to it.  But was it funny?  Not really (3 stars).

Sean ~ Dragons Just Don’t Understand – I really thought if anyone could pull this challenge off it would be Sean.  But I was wrong in that assumption (1 star).

Marcus ~ All Dogs Go To Heaven – But Grandpa Didn’t – Of course the girls loved all of his impressions and so did I.  Finally someone who mastered the challenge (5 stars)!

Jim ~ Pretty People Always Get Their Way – I think the girls were insulted by his story.  I personally didn’t get it myself (1 star).

Jeff ~ Daddy Loves Mommy – Mommy Loves Latte – Jeff thought he bombed but the girls seemed to like him.  They thought he was too cute to be funny.  But as cute as Jeff is, he is also funny which makes him lethal in my book (3 stars).

I think this challenge really showed the strengths and weaknesses of all the comics remaining in the competition.  I got a little nervous when the girls were trying to decide who won. I was worried they were going to vote for Ron G. just because they thought he was cute.  Cuter than Jeff Dye or Marcus?  I think not!  OK I’ll admit I thought he was cute too when I first started watching the show but his personality has turned me off so I don’t see him that way anymore. 

I felt a big sigh of relief when the girls announced that Marcus was the winner (as he should be)!  He won immunity and has a guaranteed place in the finals in Vegas. 

This week took the comics by surprise as they did not go to the cemetery to vote (so all that strategy in the beginning with Eliza was a waste I guess).  All of the comics (except Marcus) would perform in a final show in Los Angeles and AMERICA will decide who makes it to the finals. 

Here’s how the comics did (in my opinion):

Adam was up first.  I thought it was his funniest set yet and I just loved the GW Bush jokes (3 stars)!

Eliza didn’t do it for me.  I guess I’m too old to get her girlfriend humor.  I thought she bombed (1 star).  

Sean has got a really decent singing voice and I loved his farming song tonight.  It was pretty funny (5 stars).

Jim had some pretty funny bits tonight as well (3 stars).

Jeff is the kind of comic who pics a topic and runs with it.  I’m guessing he could do even more than three minutes on just about any topic and make it funny (5 stars).

Ron was definitely at his best tonight – it was a solid set (4 stars).

Louis also rocked it – he was absolutely hysterical (5 stars).

I have to finish this blog so I can get to NBC.com to vote myself.  I usually don’t vote in most reality shows but I want to give my support to the guys I think rock it week after week.  My top three are Marcus, Jeff Dye, and Louis Ramey.

You can read more of Mary’s television blogs at www.myspace.com/italiangirl57

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