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Interview with Esther Ku from Last Comic Standing

Posted on 07/20/2008 by RealityWanted in Last Comic Standing and Cast Interviews

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 Esther Ku Last Comic Standing

Recently we had the opportunity to speak with Esther Ku from NBC's Last Comic Standing. Here's what she had to say about her experience while on the show:


Esther Ku, who made her comedy debut as emcee of her 8th grade talent show, graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing.  But she quickly decided she was more comfortable hanging out in comedy clubs than working a 9-5 job, and moved to Boston to get involved in the comedy circuit there. "Comedy clubs are the only place I can go and not get in trouble for laughing," she says, after being kicked out of classes and actually fired for "laughing too much" at a previous job.  Known for her all-American bratty charm and infamous maniacal laugh, she says her comedy style can best be described as "an innocent portrayal of one who views the world with childlike eyes.  Kids don't censor anything.  I embody a childlike disposition and vulnerability in order to get away with some of the ridiculous things I say on stage." Ku was selected as one of the ten best comedians for the 2006 NBC Stand-up for Diversity Showcase in New York City, and has been a featured regular in the Boston International Comedy Festival and the New York Underground Festival. "I'll be the 'Last Comic Standing' because I am accustomed to winning everything," she says. "If I don't win, I will be really confused!"


Q. So how did you end up on the show?


A. Esther Ku (Last Comic Standing): I decided to audition in New York City and ended up making it on the show.


Q. Why comedy? How did you get your start?


A. Esther Ku (Last Comic Standing): I started writing for my high school paper and everyone loved my columns and thought they were funny. So I started in Boston on the open mic circuit and have continued ever since. I can't imagine doing anything else.


Q. What was your favorite experience while on Last Comic Standing?


A. Esther Ku (Last Comic Standing): Probably having the fridge stocked with a lot of food! Also it was really cool performing.


Q. What did you think about your competition?


A. Esther Ku (Last Comic Standing): I thought they were really funny. They seemed a little annoyed by my laugh but I was really on there for such a short period. Also I had a crush on Paul Foot.


Q. Who did you not like on the show?


A. Esther Ku (Last Comic Standing): I liked Iliza initially but then it was awkward being in the room with her after she voted against me. God's Pottery was a group that was so exhausting to interact with, they reminded me of people I grew up with and they brought back bad memories.


Q. What was your worst experience while you were on Last Comic Standing?


A. Esther Ku (Last Comic Standing): Waking up everyday with cameras in our faces. Also the bus ride wasn't fun cause they always had me sit next to someone and all I wanted was my own seat. I am happy with all of the decisions I made while I was on the show. I had a great time.


Q. Did you learn a lot while you were on the show?


A. Esther Ku (Last Comic Standing): I learned a lot while being on the show. Louis Ramey gave me a lot of advice. He has been in the business for 24 years so I learned a lot from him.


Q. What's next for you?


A. Esther Ku (Last Comic Standing): I would love to travel the country performing. Check me out on my website www.FunnyKu.com and I'll keep you updated on what's new.


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