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Posted on 07/11/2008 by RealityWanted in Last Comic Standing

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Last Comic Standing

By: Mary Cavaliere

Tonight was the first competition in Hollywood and it was a full show of comedy.  Here are the final 12 competing for the title of Last Comic Standing:

•    RON G.
•    PAPA CJ

I loved the idea of a Last Comic Standing calendar and if they really sell these I’ll be one of the first to buy one!  My favorite MONTHS were January (Louis Ramey), April (Jeff Dye), March (God’s Pottery), July (Marcus) and June (Adam Hunter).

They had a countdown of the top 10 All Time Best Jokes which was pretty much fluff since the only great jokes on the list were from some of my favorites from last season (Roz, Lavell Crawford, and Josh Blue) as well as Grandma Lee.   The rest were pretty forgettable.

So what were the raw eggs in a glass all about?  I guess they wanted the comics to gear up for their first challenge which took place at a boxing ring.  It was the Last Comic Smack Down where instead of throwing punches the comics threw Yo Mama punch lines.  There were two judges besides Bill Bellamy but I had no clue who these guys were.  

The best Yo Mama jokes during this smack down were Jeff Dye’s Last Supper joke, God’s Pottery going to heaven joke, Adam Hunter’s John McCain joke, and Papa CJ’s cows are sacred joke.  Four of the comics made it into the semi-finals for the smack down and they were Adam Hunter, God’s Pottery, Jim Tavare, and Sean Cullen.  The next round were “You’re such a hack” jokes and God’s Pottery won the first round against Adam Hunter and Jim Tavare won the second round against Sean Cullen.  But the Smack Down Championship went to Jim Tavare who was granted immunity from elimination tonight.

This brought us to the elimination portion of the show.  All the comics went into a booth and spoke to a camera and verbally voted for who they want to see leave the show.  The person with the most votes gets to choose two other comics to challenge (hopefully someone they think they can win against) and out of the three competing, two go home and one stays.  This year they decided to hold the vote in a graveyard.  I guess there’s some logic there.

I was a little amused when Louis Ramey freaked out about the results being played back for all the comics.  Has he not watched the show before??????  Louis also said it’s not about liking someone, it’s about “I’m funnier than you”.  No, not really Louis.  It’s more about “I’m worried you’re funnier than me so you have to go home.”   So be careful Jeff Dye because it’s not a popularity contest and your talent will award you a big red target on your back!

The voting took place and these were the results:

Esther  – 5
Sean – 1
Eliza – 2
God’s Pottery – 1
Jeff Dye – 1
Louis Ramey – 1

Eliza said some pretty harsh things about Esther and all of a sudden these two girls who seemed to be getting along appeared to hate one another.  You could see the look of hurt on Esther’s face when she heard what Eliza had to say about her.  It was painful to watch. 

Eliza is one mean and nasty chick and personally I don’t care for her much.  As Louis said, it’s not just about talent, it’s also about likeability.

Esther said she didn’t get the humor of God’s Pottery and I thought she should have gone home for that comment alone!  What do you mean you don’t get it??????????????

Honestly the elimination competition floored me.  Here’s how I rated the performances on a scale of 1-5 stars:

Esther – 2 Stars
God’s Pottery – 5 Stars
Eliza – 1 Star

I thought for sure God’s Pottery would make it through and once it was announced they had the least amount of votes (they got robbed) I thought Esther would be the winning comic.  I was floored when they announced it was Eliza.  In my opinion she’s a decent comic but she’s not that good so I think she should fully enjoy the ride because it won’t last long.

You can read more of Mary’s television blogs at www.myspace.com/italiangirl57

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