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Interview with The Pussycat Dolls: Girlicious Winners - Nichole, Tiffanie, Natalie and Chrystina

Posted on 04/25/2008 by RealityWanted in Pussycat Dolls Girlicious and Cast Interviews

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PussyCat Dolls Girlicious Winners

With a twist of events, four girls were named winners of the hit show PussyCat Dolls Present: Girlicious. Nichole Cordova, 18, of Houston, Texas; Tiffanie Anderson, 18, of Los Angeles, California; Natalie Mejia, 19, of Diamond Bar, California and Chrystina Sayers, 20, of San Diego, California were announced as the winners of the competition. They signed with Geffen Records and recorded their first single “Like Me” which aired after the finale. We had the pleasure of speaking to the girl group and here’s what they had to say:

Q. RealityWanted.com: So what made you try out for the show?

A. Nichole, Tiffanie, Natalie, Chrystina, (Girlicious): We auditioned in our own states and impressed them enough to move us forward in the process. We went through so many auditions, psychological and background tests before getting on the show.

Q. RealityWanted.com: What was your favorite experience while being on the show?

A. Chrystina, (Girlicious): Making the videos. Especially when they first debuted, cause all of our work was out there for everyone to see.

A. Nichole, (Girlicious): The video shoot challenge is where I broke out of my shell. It was amazing to be out on the sailboat and recording with Ron Fair too.

A. Tiffanie, (Girlicious): When we sang to 13 men and also singing my finale song.

A. Natalie, (Girlicious): My favorite part of the show was “Winning!”

Q. RealityWanted.com: What did you think about the other girls when you met them? Did you make any friends for life?

A. Chrystina, (Girlicious): The girls and I bonded so hard, we are pretty much sisters. We hang out with each other a lot. It was hard for me to put aside my differences, but when we came together we realized what we have.

A. Nichole, (Girlicious): I was friends with everyone including Charlye. Even though there were some clicks, I love them all. I am so lucky to be with the other 3 girls.

A. Tiffanie, (Girlicious): I had a lot of friends in the house but I have developed a strong bond with these girls.

A. Natalie, (Girlicious): Chrystina and I gelled from the beginning. We are so close now even though we had some differences before.

Q. RealityWanted.com: Were there any girls in the house you really didn’t like?

A. Chrystina, (Girlicious): I basically had a problem with the whole house. Charlye, Tiffanie and I had some problems, there was a lot of drama in the house. Basically when you move a bunch of girls in the house with nothing to do there is going to be drama and clicks.

A. Nichole, (Girlicious): When you are on reality TV you can’t get away with stuff you would have in real life. So that caused some problems between the girls.

A. Tiffanie, (Girlicious): If I hated them on the show then I probably don’t like them now! But I tried to stay out of the gossiping.

A. Natalie, (Girlicious): It is a competition so of course you are looking for the other girls weaknesses. I wanted to win and have a spot in the group.

Q. RealityWanted.com: So what’s the next step for you girls?

A. Nichole, Tiffanie, Natalie, Chrystina, (Girlicious): We have TRL coming up on May 1st where we will be releasing our video. Our album is dropping July 1st. We are spokes models for Big Sexy Hair. Also check out I-Tunes for our videos too.

Q. RealityWanted.com: Do you have any words for your fans?

A. Nichole, Tiffanie, Natalie, Chrystina, (Girlicious): We are so thankful to our fans for all of the support. Our next step is to prove to everyone that we are legit, we are excited about our music and we are ready to work hard. Check us out on Myspace too:

Nichole: www.Myspace.com/nicholecordova17
Chrystina: www.Myspace.com/clss333
Tiffanie: www.Myspace.com/tiffaniebaby
Natalie: www.Myspace.com/breathsoft

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