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Interview with Daisy De La Hoya from Rock of Love 2

Posted on 04/21/2008 by RealityWanted in Rock Of Love and Cast Interviews

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Daisy Rock of Love 2


Today, we had the opportunity to speak with Daisy De La Hoya who was recently eliminated from Rock of Love 2. Daisy, who is originally from Los Angeles and now lives in Denver, spoke to us about her time on the show in an exclusive interview.


Q. RealityWanted: How did you end up being cast for Rock of Love 2?

A. Daisy: I had watched the first season and love Poison and Bret Michaels, so I contacted the Casting Director and told him I wanted to be on the show. I sent in a funny video and ended up making it on the show.


Q. RealityWanted: What were your initial thoughts of the girls when you first went to the house?

A. Daisy: I really didn’t know what to think, I was scared and nervous. I tend to get along with boys more so I just kept to myself initially. I was just excited to be there.


Q. RealityWanted:  Were you there to find love?

A. Daisy: Absolutely! I was there to meet Bret and if we fell in love then great.


Q. RealityWanted: Was Bret what you expected?

A. Daisy:He was more funny and attractive.


Q. RealityWanted: Who did you end up bonding with?

A. Daisy: I ended up bonding with Destiney, Jessica and Megan. I love Megan and think she is just misunderstood.


Q. RealityWanted: Who did you not get along with in the house?

A. Daisy: I had my problems with some of the girls but we all went through this together and there was sort of a bond with everyone. We are all lucky for the experience and I love all of them.


Q. RealityWanted:  Tell me about your most favorite time on the show.

A. Daisy: There were so many amazing experiences while on the show, but I really enjoyed the time in Cancun it was great.


Q. RealityWanted: Would you do anything different if you had the opportunity? Do you think the Ex-Boyfriend messed things up between Bret and you?

A. Daisy: It was a great opportunity and I would do it again. The ex and I broke up a month prior to the show but we stayed in our lease. It was a rough situation with everyone attacking me and making it more than what it was. It was silly because we are just best friends now.


Q. RealityWanted: What are your thoughts on Ambre?

A. Daisy:When I watched the show her personality did a 180. She was sweet in the beginning and then threw everyone under the bus and was just out to win Bret. She is a TV Host/Actor, I can’t see her and Bret together, she just played the game.


Q. RealityWanted: How is your dating life now?

A. Daisy: I am single now. I have always been in long term relationships but for now I am focusing on myself and my career.


Q. RealityWanted: What are your plans now?

A. Daisy: I am making a lot of appearances and have some TV shows in the works. I am also working on distributing my music and a clothing line.


Q. RealityWanted: Do you still talk to Bret?

A. Daisy: He just came to Denver and we hung out. We will always be friends and there is a lot of chemistry between us. He is a rock star. 


Q. RealityWanted: Is there a way for our viewers to contact you or see what you are up to?

A. Daisy: Yes my Myspace is Myspace.com/daisyrocksmusic Also thanks to all of my fans, “I found my Rock of Love with America”.



(Image courtesy of VH1)

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