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Fake Immunity Idol Rears Its Ugly Head On Survivor Fans VS Favorites

Posted on 04/12/2008 by RealityWanted in Survivor

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Survivor Micronesia

By: Mary Cavaliere

It seems kind of early in the game for the big merge but tonight was the night.  The Malakal and Airai tribe is now called the DABU Tribe.  Dabu means “good” in Micronesian.  Everyone seemed fairly happy about it, especially those on the Airai tribe who got to set up camp on the luxurious Malakal beach.  The merged tribe did not have to compete to win reward as everyone was rewarded with a merger feast.  With all the good food there you have to wonder why James decided to eat a bat.  I guess curiosity killed the cat.  Uh, I mean the bat. 

Erik vocalized his loyalty to Ozzy, which of course was no surprise to the viewer or Ozzy.   Amanda vocalized her discontent about Alexis, who she is obviously jealous of.   I see it coming.  Amanda is going to get stupid and blow the game for a man.  Not just any man.  She’s going to blow it because of Ozzy who is showing he’s quite the player, and not just as a survivor!

The immunity challenge took my breath away, along with the breath of the tribe members.  Everyone was standing in water under a grated steel barrier.  As the tide rose their breathing space lessened and the person who could last the longest would win immunity.  Even after fifteen minutes they looked cold and tired.  All the girls bailed first.  The last three left to compete were James, Jason, and Ozzy.

I’m sure Ozzy tried his best knowing that with the merger he might be more at risk of being sent home.  Jason, who thought he had the immunity idol fought until the end and walked away with the immunity necklace.  Earlier in the day Eliza and Jason seemed to bond in their mutual ability to annoy others.  That cracked me up.  But that wasn’t half as funny as Jason telling Eliza that she could have the immunity idol if he won immunity (which he did).  Watching her get so excited about it and then watching her discover that the immunity idol was Ozzy’s fake was priceless to watch.   This was one of the BEST Survivor moments ever!

Jason really should have been voted out for the shear stupidity of believing the fake immunity idol was the real deal, but things didn’t go that way.  At Tribal Council it became pretty obvious early on that Eliza had a huge target on her back.  How funny that even Jason voted for her torch to be put out.  I didn’t like watching Eliza play this game last time around so I was pleased that it was her turn to depart once again.  We haven’t seen the last of her yet, however, because she is now the first member of the jury for Survivor 16: Fans Vs. Favorites. 

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