Male, 32, ST.LOUIS MO



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Marital StatusSingle
Has ChildrenNo
Sexual orientationStraight
Current OccupationDirect Care Specialist
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roxanne said:

This is the link I am going to be sharing – it goes right to your page and then you scroll down to the bottom and there is red button to vote. http://thisisyourlifechange.com/vote-for-roxanne-watson/

Posted 04/17/2015 06:45 pm

Erika said:

Saturday's votes.

Posted 04/12/2014 01:07 am

roxanne said:

saturday party time

Posted 03/22/2014 07:27 pm

roxanne said:

taking this monday to thank all my RW friends and share the good news Marlo Thomas has wriiten a book including my story and journey to heart transplant that will be released in the next few weeks more details soon thanks for your continued support

Posted 03/17/2014 08:34 pm

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