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Jim said:

Remember, as long as you're breathing it's never too late! Words of wisdom from my late Irish Grandfather on this Father's Day!

Posted 06/16/2013 08:10 am

Jim said:

Never save a spot in your life for someone who never makes an effort to stay! Hey it is Saturday again, Enjoy It!

Posted 06/15/2013 07:25 am

Jim said:

Remember, YOU can only do YOUR best. If someone else can't appreciate that, it's THEIR problem, not yours. Now that is a very true thought:)! Have a super special Friday!

Posted 06/14/2013 08:32 am

Jim said:

When you stop expecting people to be perfect, you can like them for who they are. Hey it Thursday so enjoy the day!!!

Posted 06/13/2013 07:44 am

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