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Nacita said:

After dozens of very expensive tests and weeks of hospitalization, the rich old man was told he had only 24 hours to live. He immediately called his doctor and his lawyer to his room. He asked the doctor to stand by one side of his bed and his lawyer to stand by the other. After standing for some time, the doctor asked "What do you want me to do?" "Nothing. Just stand there." A while later, the lawyer asked "What do you want me to do?" "Nothing. Just stand there." As the hours wore on, the doctor and the lawyer watched the man weaken. When his time had almost arrived, the doctor and the lawyer again asked "Why are we standing here?" "Well," said the old man, "Christ died between two thieves, so I thought I'd do the same! I voted this wonderful Sunday! Have a great day!

Posted 12/19/2010 11:51 am

Nacita said:

My 83 year old neighbor got pulled over for speeding. She told the cop she had to hurry before she forgot where she was going. Voted today. Thought I would leave you with a funny joke to brighten your weekend. Hope it worked. Have a great Saturday!

Posted 12/18/2010 12:21 pm

Nacita said:

T.G.I.F. All votes are in and accounted for. Have a great weekend!

Posted 12/17/2010 10:58 am

Nacita said:

Its cold outside in Va. I don't want to go out in it but I got to get the children's Christmas toys. We're expecting snow again today. Its started in other areas just not mine yet. Wanted to place my votes before I hit the road. Stay warm. Have a great day!

Posted 12/16/2010 09:39 am

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